Help! Replacing button on PCB.

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Hello all!

New homeowner here, and our house has what I am told to be a pretty nice Gas Fireplace. Which would be great except that the up key on the remote control doesn’t really work.

I don’t really want to fork out the $100+ for a new remote (new homeowner and father!!) and I am pretty handy with projects (though my experience so fas has only been in plumbing and tiling... the COVID bathroom remodel turned out great!).

I do have some base knowledge from my experience as a nuclear power officer in the US Navy (though that was a few years back and mostly operational).

Anyways I believe the pictures button to be faulty and I would like to think it would be pretty simple to solder a knew one in. What I’m hoping for is advice on

a) removing the old button (like can I just pop it off or should i use some other technique)

b) what to order to replace the button (and where to order it)

c) any tips on soldering in the new button

d) any other tips or advice!

thanks for any help in advance!!



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Looks like a pretty standard tactile switch. Need to measure the size and then check out DigiKey or even Amazon. It will have to be desoldered and new soldered back in place. I suspect it may not be the button...


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Yes, looks like a tactile push button switch and they are very common. You need to desolder what is on the board and solder a new one in place. Keep in mind orientation is important. Button switches like that have a single contact but you have two pins and two pins common to each other. While I was not in the US Navy the Navy Nuclear program was my career.

Assuming that it's the button that has gone bad. It's quite an easy fix. First get the measurements and order the part (tactile switch) from Amazon, DigiKey (, or from your local hobby shop. Mke sure they are the surface mount type.

As for taking them off do desolder them, you don't want ripped pads.

For soldering just clean the pads, put some fresh solder on and solder the switch.

One advice that at times I have been guilty of not following. Apply the right heat for the shortest period of time.

Hope this helps!


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It looks like a standard 6mm tact switch like one of these:
You can open the search up a bit to get the leads exact if you want. You might give E-Switch a little jingle and see if they'll send you a sample.

I'd recommend you clip the switch leads on the board then de-solder one by one.

You don't necessarily need the surface mount one. You can clip the tips of the leads off a through hole one and tack it on. The body size of the switch is the same.

Good luck and welcome to AAC!

I see Mrchow beat me to it. Well done.
To determine if it is indeed the switch, place a short jumper wire across the terminals. If the logic works, the the switch is bad. If the logic does not respond, then the switch may be good and something else is broken...
Or, with the battery removed, check the continuity across the switch.


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Check these traces out, it looks like some sort of damage, can’t tell from the pictures. D6 looks dimmer than the others, it may have some white corrosion that’s spilling over to the switch causing the voltage to be indeterminate when it’s active.

there was plenty of room for wider traces here. That’s what I would have done. No clue why the vias are so large.