Replacing power supply in a "coolest Cooler" Help for a none electronics guy

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In lockdown, because of COVID-19 thought I'd try to fix this just for fun, all I know of electronics I've learned from the internet so, please do talk like I don't know much because I really don't.
I have a nonfunctioning "Coolest Cooler" a now-defunct Kickstarter that made a beach cooler with a blender, USB charger and LED light and the only thing working on the cooler is the USB charger. I would like to replace the power supply but am not quite sure what to use, I assume the power supply is a motor controller for the blender motor a LED driver, I don't even know what an LED driver is or why you would need one and power for the USB charger.
I was looking at a 300W 20A CC CV Constant current adjustable buck converter step down voltage module for the power, the battery is a 21-volt Lithium-Ion battery and the blender motor is an 18V RC motor, I think this would run the blender motor but how do I power the LED and the USB charger, the USB charger has Bat+, Bat- and USB_DIS, what is USB_DIS? How do I not overheat the battery? Am I even on the right track?

This is what I know so far I have 21 volts at the USB charger and at the LED on/off switch.
The blender motor rated voltage is 18V and the voltage range is 3-21V, the no-load speed, and current value. 18V 22200 rpm 2.37A

Any guidance can get on this will be greatly appreciated,



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I assume the power supply is a motor controller for the blender motor a LED driver,
Power supply usually refers to only the thing providing the power, not to a motor controller and LED driver. Since the battery is still operating the USB charger port, replacing it will not help, their problem lies somewhere else.

Have you checked for a blown fuse? If both those things stopped working at the same time, that seems like a likely cause.


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The original electronics board is shot, the only thing working on that is the power out to the USB board, I assume the original board is a power supply, motor controller, LED driver and power to the USB board. I purchased a 20amp DC-DC Buck Converter for the motor a LED driver for the light. I was wondering what the USB_DIS connection is for on the original USB board or can I just hook up the BAT+ and BAT- to the new power supply and forget about the USB_DIS connection, I don't want to overcharge a phone if I plug into the USB port or does the phone itself take care of that.

Thanks much for the help
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