1. Gralf

    Help! Replacing button on PCB.

    Hello all! New homeowner here, and our house has what I am told to be a pretty nice Gas Fireplace. Which would be great except that the up key on the remote control doesn’t really work. I don’t really want to fork out the $100+ for a new remote (new homeowner and father!!) and I am pretty...
  2. Andersons

    Two step pushbutton switches and weird datasheet numbers

    Hello. I’m looking for two step pushbutton switches (ON)-(ON). I was looking at this datasheet: https://eu.mouser.com/datasheet/2/603/p4-catalog-pdf-1145024.pdf In the section ”ACTUATORS FOR BASIC SWITCHES” for example rugged seal panel switches doesn’t make sense in reference to the ”P4 PART...