Help fix wine cooler power supply


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Hi anybody can help me, I know that one of the transistor is C1815 but the one with Orange circle Im lost...appreciate some help. TIA
You can start your own thread.

All I see is three holes in a board. You are not providing enough information to get any help.



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Without another unit to compare it is anybody's guess?
It could quite be a voltage regulator due to the close proximity of the PS??
Try some reverse-engineering on the board.

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Thanks people I manage to source the schematic diagram and notice the identical C1815, Thanks for those who helped and advise...However, when I turn on the supply with load the D13005MD at the circled area seems to be very HOT after 5mins it pops both D13005MD poped...I have checked all the resistors seems all are in order but I changed the RTC to NTC 5D-11 reason being Im unable to source for 005/04 NTC. Can anyone shed some lights Im lost. TIA