Elmo Servo Drive User Programming

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I am currently programming an Elmo Gold Solo Trombone drive as a slave (for the position control of a servo motor) for a host ECU (Altran MUXlab4), communicating between the host and drive on a CANopen protocol.

Despite having read all the available literature am a little unclear on how to do so. I am writing a user programme in the drives language to set-up the motor and run the homing procedure, but am communicating to it directly from the ECU also to transfer commands to the drive and receive an immediate response from the drive. This is what a do not understand: how the drive receives SDO/PDO commands from the host, responds to them, decodes them into it’s native language user programme, and then how the PWM signal to the motor is formed? Could anyone help with this, potentially with a snippet of syntax?

Additionally, if anyone had any user programmes for an Elmo drive (especially where it communicates via CANopen to a host), these would be extremely useful as reference for me to understand how to write mine!