servo drive

  1. -live wire-

    Please help with Serial Bus Servos!

    Hi everyone, I'm confused how to connect and control these motors Where do I find the pinout and where can I find some sample arduino code for controlling them? I think it said something about...
  2. Dihego


    Hi. I have the "WT servo 16" board from WitMotion. I would like to know if there is another application for android in addition to the one offered by the motherboard manufacturer. Also I would like to know how to connect the HC-06 bluetooth module on the WT servo 16 board. Link WT servo 16...
  3. S

    Elmo Servo Drive User Programming

    I am currently programming an Elmo Gold Solo Trombone drive as a slave (for the position control of a servo motor) for a host ECU (Altran MUXlab4), communicating between the host and drive on a CANopen protocol. Despite having read all the available literature am a little unclear on how to do...