Do you guys have a 100W power amplifier circuit using transistors?

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Felix Valdueza

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I am new to electronics, and I am not a student in such course. I just want to learn about amplifier and power supply and I mainly go to youtube for tutorials. But the thing is I want to create an amplifier first and experience how hard it is to solder the parts. And I don't know how to design such amplifier.


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What is the amplitude, shape, and frequency of the input signal? What signal swing do you require on the output and what impedance do you want it to drive? Is there a restriction on supply voltage?


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If you are new to electronics, a 100W audio amplifier is a bit ambitious. Start off with something simple such as an LM386 audio amplifier.

Next, you can experiment with a simple 3 or 4-transistor amplifier under 2W. There is still lots you can learn at this stage.