Discrete Half-bridge driver

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Hi readers:),
I found datasheet for HALF-BRIDGE DRIVER IC here . I was hoping to find the IC discrete components circuit from which it was built upon using transistors, diodes, resistor only but its not in the datasheet. I tried to search the web for it but it offers H-bridge with negative and positive mosfet only. Are there any half-bridge discrete circuit that uses negative mosfet only (not positive mosfet)?

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You might have a difficult time finding one of those because it requires you to generate a gate voltage sufficiently large enough to turn on a typical N-channel FET when the source terminal is at some potential above ground.

You can generate this potential with a bootstrap circuit, or you can provide a high voltage gate supply, or you can use a transformer. None of those alternatives is particularly attractive for doing a discrete implementation.


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You may try this:
1. Remove D1.
2. If you want to keep D1 then you can move the Cathode of D3 to the Vc of Q1(the Cathode of D1)