Design Aspects in PCB Design

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I was asked to help in reviewing an already done PCB for a product in my company.
What are the aspects I should keep in mind when reviewing a PCB or when editing this PCB?
For example, I know there has to be a review for availability of the ICs as there is a shortage right now.
Also, there has to be a review for compliance, like grounding and EMI filtering/shielding.
What about review for design for manufacturability, design for assembly, design for testing?

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A lot depends on what area or type of electronics the board will be placed and used in.
Was the board a subject of outsourcing? If so what is the reputation of the company carrying it out?
Or is the board a in house product?


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You mention grounding and EMI filtering, without knowing details of the product it is hard to answer, e.g. does the system require earth grounding etc?
Obviously testing should be carried out using any extreme conditions the board/system may be subjected to in normal operation.