1. A

    Design Aspects in PCB Design

    Hello, I was asked to help in reviewing an already done PCB for a product in my company. What are the aspects I should keep in mind when reviewing a PCB or when editing this PCB? For example, I know there has to be a review for availability of the ICs as there is a shortage right now. Also...
  2. gautam023

    PCB review for my first design.

    Hello everyone, This is my first ever PCB design. I would appreciate any helpful advice and reviews anyone has. The files are also attached. The software used in Eagle. Thank you in advance.
  3. gautam023

    Advice on first PCB design

    Hello Everyone, I am looking for any advice on my first PCB design. The function of the board is to monitor a battery pack and send the data to a smartphone via BLE. It also includes a power supply for Arduino and other sensors. I am using LT3958 in the SEPIC configuration for this. I used...
  4. B

    PCB Review - 200V Flyback Converter

    Hello, I have a first draft of a 24VIN 200VOUT PCB and I would appreciate any feedback and suggestions, especially from anyone who has experience with switching power supply design. This is a two-layer board with a ground plane on the bottom layer. Some things that I considered while laying out...