Datasheet calls for diode, but I want to disinclude

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I'm working on a circuit that has some LEDs and runs in low-light conditions. I'm using a TP4056 which calls for two LEDs to indicate the charging status (see page 3 in the reference schematic). It's a nice feature to know the status but it really interferes with the visual effect I'm going for with the rest of the onboard LEDs so I'd like to disable it. What's the recommendation to disinclude these two LEDs?

Here are a few ideas I've considered.
1. Leave pins 7 and 8 not connected. I'm not sure how to evaluate if this is a good idea or not.
2. Use a blind diode. I've heard about these, but I've never used them.
3. Use a resistor that would provide an equivalent voltage drop. What size resistor would I use for this?

What would you do? Also feedback on these ^ ideas would be great. Thanks!


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Looking at the datasheet there is no reason to believe that not using LEDs on those pins will change anything about the behavior of the IC.


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From the figure in post #5, both of the LEDs are only indicators. You can leave out one or both, and the associated resistor with no problem at all.


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My present employing company used the TLA notation "DNP" for this case.

DNP: Do Not Populate
TLA: Three Letter Acronym
FYI: For Your Information

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If the circuit diagram is modified slightly, it's easy to see that the LEDs are not involved in making the circuit work. Feel free to disinclude them if you like.


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Thanks for the replies! This is a very helpful community. To wrap up, yes it is pins 6 & 7. Ironically on the first board design I did use electrical tape lol. Also I've enjoyed the omit vs disinclude discussion. Omit does sound nice. Thanks!