Convert block diagram to signal signal flow


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That bottom link, "1", must just take H2 and no other signal, so you need
to add another node, taking just H2 for that link, and add to that new node
an outgoing vector to add to he G2, G4 input to G3.

Also pay attention to signs of the G parameters when they come into the node,
eg. label their branch values appropriately, example +G3 or -G3.....

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Attached is a block diagram. I am required to draw the equivalent signal flow diagram however, I am not very sure of the answer I get. My signal flow graph is also attached. Kindly assist.

As noted before this is not yet correct. You have to add a summing node for one, and for the two H2 signals you can, as an alternate, split H2 into two H2's so that you have two gain blocks both with gain H2. That allows you to provide the two H2 output signals separately to the two places it is needed. That's just another way of doing it. The other way is to split using two gain blocks of gain 1 each.
Ultimately your transfer function should come out the same for the original network and your converted network.