Circuit to drive sending coil for Wireless Power Transmission

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Hi all,
I would like to experiment with Wireless Power Transmission. For this I want to create a simple circuit to drive the sending coil. This should be a circuit that automatically drives the coil (with series or parrallel capacitor) at its resonance frequency.
What would be a simple (yet robust) way of doing this?
Any help is greatly appreciated.


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What are your goals for current, voltage, power, frequency, distance?
The devil is in the details.

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I need to transfer about 10 Watts. I would like to have a schematic example how to do this best. Like principle schematic. Then I can start calculating the components.


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If you want 10 watts out, how many watts of input power do you expect to need?
It is not clear to me that you need a resonant circuit for this experiment. How about a signal generator and an audio amplifier with the transmitting coil as the load. Easy peasy, and no circuit to construct, except for winding the coil.
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At what frequency and over what range do you wish to transmit 10 Watts of power?
Be aware that most countries have very strict laws about transmitting any signals greater than a few milliwatts.
There are many circuits on-line for the construction of radio transmitters. That is what your circuit would be.
A certain Mr. Tesla attempted to do something similar on a much larger scale almost 100 years ago. He did not meet with much success!