Christmas light mod

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Hi, I need modification of cheap Christmas garland lights for my diorama

it is going to be battery operated (2x CR2032 6v in series or even 1 battery if possible 3v) an I will use only four 3mm led, i need ic yt803a for different programs (it has 8 modes)

This schematic of circuit is originally 220v ac powered. Which modification of circuit do I need for it to be operational for my diorama (probably modification of resistors and diode); I need minimum number of parts because the circuit is battery operated.

Enclosed images show versions with 2 and 3 transistors but circuit is the same.

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Note to mods: the intent of the TS is to replace the HV source with batteries. This is NOT a LED off mains project. ;-)

Prinz: I could not locate a data sheet for that device, but my feeling is it would be easier to start another way to light some lights from batteries.

What exactly do you want the light to do in your project? Blink? Rotate in a pattern?

Inquiring minds want to know.


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It wont work, the led is wired in reverse on the common connection, also its a forbidden topic leds to mains,transformerless psu.

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hm, if i remove diode 1n4007 and capacitor, and recalculate resistors maybe it is possible to use battery on circuit?

for diecast 1/200 airplane i need this lights at 1.50min
two flickering red chasing led (one up first and one down after), and two non flickering yellow wing led
condition is to use minimal wires and maybe one 3v cr2032 battery with magnet , throwie concept maybe ?