240V Christmas light 8 way controller

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Hi I'm new on here and was wondering if anyone could suggest a way that I could make my LED Christmas lights stay static at the controller, the are plugged directly into a 240v mains UK and were bought off Ebay and are made in China, I have attached photos of the circuit board so if anyone can help it will be very much appreciated. Thank you.15824607223112598170498053676732.jpg



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Easier to just wire the lights direct to the mains, if they are LEDs then use an adapter as Mains Leds are banned here..
Just wire them to the mains and watch the fire burn !! Use a simple transformer and rectifier to step down the mains voltage to whatever the strings require, which is certanly a lot less than 220 volts. The big advantages will be no more shck and fire hazards and much longer life for the strings. PLUS, using an isolated supply to feed them will allow the discussion to continue here. But it will be handy to measure, very cautiously, the voltage fed to the strings to see what voltage the transformer needs to supply.