Can you guys recommed any oscilloscopes under 100€?

k1ng 1337

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Search "DSO150". Popular among users here and works decent for frequencies less than 100kHz though its rated for 200kHz. Hard plastic shell that is portable.


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It's for college and i dont mind used ones as long as they work
Is this something the college is requiring? Or something you just want to buy?

What features are you looking for? Bandwidth? Number of channels?

I bought a DSO138 which I consider to be a toy. Single channel, 200kHz bandwidth.

For a little more money I bought a DSO150 which is a slightly improved DSO138. It's in a nicer case, has a battery, but is still single channel and 200kHz.

My preference for scopes are old school Tektronix and out of your price range.


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Hiding your location won't get you help from someone who might be in your area. Find someone with a good used Rigol DS1052E, who upgraded or wants to upgrade to the newer 1054Z? Find hams (amateur radio operators) in your area, go to a meeting and ask? Wide your search by also asking in the EEVBlog forum? I think $100 is reasonable for a used 1052E...I have one (not selling it, though) and that's probably what I'd sell it for.


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it does not have own display and requires computer but that can be advantage if you need portable one
That reminds me that an AAC member gave me something like that. I've never used it because I don't have room on my bench for a laptop. Maybe someday...