Can I use 5V 30 Amps PSU on a Lithium ion battery charger module?

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Hi, if I use a 5V 30Amps Power Supply Unit to plug into the input of this Lithium ion battery charger module, is it fine since it will draw a limited output of 1A to charge the battery which it requires right ?


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It should work properly, especially if you get the polarity right. The 5 volt load will only draw the current it needs from a 5 volt supply.
But you do need to be careful because if thee is an overload the supply can deliver 5 X 30 =150 watts.


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The particular charging module in the picture doesn't look like it has the protection chip and MOSFET like some others do. So it would best to install a protection board on the battery (look for 1S PCM or BMS). Also, if that's TC or TP4056 charging chip, the data sheet shows a series resistor which helps reduce power dissipation in the chip, and many of the modules don't include that. Maybe it's OK without it, but I don't like it when semiconductors get too hot to touch in normal use. And, those cells are fakes; there's no such thing as an 18650 with 7800 mAh capacity. Anyone who'd buy those doesn't know much about lithium-ion cells, and might not be a reliable source of information.


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The posted question was about the suitability of using a 5 volt, 30 amp capability power supply as the power source for a 5 watt battery charger. The answer to that part is yes, and I did make a suggestion about the required cautions.
The actual batteries are a different issue. I am aware that there are al sorts of falsely identified products for sale, so it may be that the capacity rating of those cells is rather optimistic. Charging two cells in parallel is not a good idea unless they are very well matched.
But a big concern is that the wires appear to be soldered directly to the batteries, and not to welded on tabs. Soldering directly will often cause heat damage to the seals on the battery, leading to early failure, as I discovered many years ago. That would be the big concern of mine in this case.