1. MrsssSu

    Can I use 5V 30 Amps PSU on a Lithium ion battery charger module?

    Hi, if I use a 5V 30Amps Power Supply Unit to plug into the input of this Lithium ion battery charger module, is it fine since it will draw a limited output of 1A to charge the battery which it requires right ?
  2. MrsssSu

    Charging circuit modifications

    Hi. above is a charging cut-off circuit. As you can see in my demo. when voltage source is 5V, the load (R9) has 5W power. When voltage drops to 4V, the load (R9) has 0 W (cut off). However, my lithium ion charging pin for my battery is 4.26V. Thus, when battery fully charged at 4.2V, the...
  3. D

    how build a simple charger

    hello everyone , for educational goals we want to make a simple charging board which charge simple 3.7 V mobile batteries ... i have some question for example what happened if i directly connect that battery to 5V 2A ? will charge correctly ? will battery damaged ? what's the correct form to...
  4. Tapish

    Charging individual 3.7V Li-Ion batteries that are connected in series to from 7.4v supply

    Hope you all are staying safe and healthy. The Pandemic lockdown has forced us to work with the only components we have at home. I am working on a battery-operated esp32 pico board having other sensors hooked up to it that need 5v of supply. So I connected two rechargeable 3.7v Li-Ion batteries...
  5. C

    Protective elements for powering dc motors

    Hi everyone! I am building a robot that carries a drill to make holes in the ground. I have not been able to find similar size/power references regarding how to power the motors. I would like to know how to protect the battery and motor drivers, my specific questions are: - Where to place...
  6. guiale

    Battery Hot Swap Circuit with Capacitors

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to design a circuit whose battery can be hot swapped. I have a 3.6V battery connected to a boost converter, outputting 9V. I'm powering a small computer that requires a 9-20V input, and at idle consumes ~10W. I figured that, so that the computer stays on for 10s (with a...
  7. ParamedicDad

    Wind-up generators and Li-ion batteries

    Tl;dr: Are putting Li-ion batteries in a Wind-up flashlight a thing? If not, what options are there for a more reliable, renewable light source? Hello, I'm a Paramedic, husband and father of a small family of 3. We don't make much money and live in an area where we are often heavily impacted...
  8. D

    Connecting 2P2S battery pack to BMS

    Hi All, I have four identical 18650 Li-ion batteries 3.7v \ 2500mAh and a BMS 2S. My goal is to get 5v (with step down) and more current capacity. so I though of connecting the batteries as 2P2S as battery university suggested. 2P because the Li-ion will balance themselves and for more...
  9. A

    Relay for Solar System as Backup Only

    Background I'm working on a seismic alert network and seismograph station at my school in Puerto Rico. We're building a solar system for the system to continue running during a potential seismic event. The system only consumes about 10 Watts, but with the satellite internet equipment it might go...
  10. P

    Li-ion battery charging termination current

    Hi all, I have a question about Li-ion rechargable batteries. I have almost no experience with it. Documentation to battery is very poor, but there is an info about charging profile: Stage 1: Constant Current 0.82 Ampere (0.2C) until Voltage reach 4.2V Stage 2: Constant Voltage (4.2V) with...
  11. Carlosonline

    Li-Ion Battery Managment IC Issue

    Hi, I would appreciate if someone would be able to comment/advice on the following matter. I have been looking around for an IC that would charge and balance Li-Ion cells 2-3 of them in series. It seems that the balance feature is absent in most cases. MCP73841 appears to provide most of the...
  12. M

    Batteries down the well

    Hi, I am a first time poster in need of some advice. Whilst inspecting my household drinking well, my torch with four 18650 cells plunged to the bottom. The torch is waterproof but probably not at the 24ft depth of my well. What reactions are likely to take place, and what if any...
  13. D

    Can I connect Solar and Wind DC energy to the same battery bank?

    Hi there, I am looking at installing a solar and wind energy system on a house. The solar panels produce DC and the wind AC but the winds AC is passed through a controller which converts it to either 24 or 48VDc. Therefore both solar and wind will be producing DC. I intend for this to be an...