Is it necessary to continue charging the phone batteries for first time for 4 hours?

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Hello to all
I am a beginner in electronics
I had a question, is it important to charge the battery for the first time to continue charging the battery for several hours after it is fully charged?
Because some sellers say this, but I don't know if this is scientifically correct or not

tnx for any help


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You should at least fully charge it before first use.
There is no need to continue to charge it after it has reached full charge. The battery charge management circuitry will stop charging in any case.


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I had a question, is it important to charge the battery for the first time to continue charging the battery for several hours after it is fully charged?
I question the validity of that "requirement". When I received my last phone, I proceeded to transfer data and settings from my old phone before fully charging the battery.

Contrary to what you might have been told, charging to 100% isn't necessarily a good thing. Android phones now have a setting where you can limit the maximum charge to 85%. The theory is that a battery is good for about 500 charge/discharge cycles but, if you don't use it to the extremes (fully discharged/charged), it will last longer. This seems to be substantiated by Apple having a setting to charge between a minimum that's higher than 0% and lower than 100%. I think long before Android.

This is a bigger deal now that most phones no longer have user replaceable batteries. When I could open the case with my fingernails to replace the battery, the inconvenience was just the cost of buying new batteries. Now you need to take your phone to someone and pay them to replace your battery. If you're addicted to your phone, which I am not, that would be a pain in the a** if it wasn't a walk-in and have it replaced on the spot. But nothing stops them from perusing your data to see if you have anything interesting.


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Not sure if this could made sense but my Asus laptop when bought brand new was already set to limit the charge to IIRC, 69%.

Been using it for about 3++ years permanently plugged in to mains.

My Samsung phone (6 years old) tells you to connect the charger at 19%. It shuts down little below 10%.


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It might be a relic of the past when portable devices shipped with rechargeable batteries that had higher rates of self-discharge, or were shipped with the batteries in a discharged state (not unusual for ni-cads). Or just a precaution against the possibility that the battery has run down due to sitting on the shelf for a long time, or the device has been left switched on after being demo'd in the store. It can't be good for the battery to go flat while setting up and installing updates.


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With new wireless devices with OTA updates it's almost certain there will be attempted updates when powered up to operational state. You really want a charger connected while this happens as it's usually a high power requirement event you don't want interrupted due to power loss. Battery life/condition meters are noxiously inaccurate, this is double true when calculating current battery condition with a questionable recharged to full event..
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