Bench Power Supply Readout Drifts

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I am using one of those cheap generic Chinese bench power supplies from eBay (Model 3010D) which is a 30V 10A DC supply. I normally would have stayed away but it was seriously marked down due to a minor crack in the faceplate which I easily fixed with epoxy.

This unit turned out to be fairly reliable aside from the LED display which starts out accurate enough, but then over time drifts upwards consistently after being dialed in and left alone. Interestingly the actual voltage output remains perfectly stable and quite usable irrespective of what may be displayed on the LED display. As well, the Current (Amps) LED display reads correctly.

As a workaround I have wired up 2 cheap multimeters (one to monitor current and the other for voltage), but I would like to see if any of you folks know anything I could adjust internally to get the actual LED readout back on track and stay on track. If not, maybe at least someone could explain what causes such a consistent drift in the readout of these cheap supplies.

I haven’t timed it, but it appears the voltage readout increases by consistent increments over consistent time period - for example an increase of 1 full volt per every 10 minutes of use. Keep in mind the actual voltage output remains at 1 volt (or whatever I originally set). Any help is greatly appreciated.

P.S. This issue is the same with and without a load.


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I guess a schematic won't be forthcoming from the manufacturer. Can you reverse-engineer the voltage sensing part?


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As a workaround I have wired up 2 cheap multimeters (one to monitor current and the other for voltage)
Not a good idea to leave an ammeter connected unless it's in the feedback loop so output voltage can compensate for meter voltage drop.


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I suspect the cheap Chinese voltmeter used a poor voltage reference device in the circuit.
Whatever the case, it likely will be difficult to fix.
Easier would be just to buy a new, cheap voltmeter to fit and hope it is more stable.


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Drifting over time is almost certainly a thermal problem. Probably as Wally suggested, a voltage reference is drifting as the temperature inside the case warms up. Clearly not the same reference as used for the regulators, a good thing. The two displays might be independent modules with their own internal references.