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While we're talking about behavior, the "WEB" has some peculiarities that I don't like. I'm using the word "WEB" because at one time the behaviors I expect were the norm.

#1. Firefox says "Search with Google or enter an address"
When I click somewhere in the address bar, I expect something to happen. e.g. "Search with Google or enter an address" be replaced by nothing. I constantly get the feeling I didn't left click. You actually have to click and type.

#2. Videos, e.g. youtube, act wrong in my opinion too. If a video is partially obscured and I click on the visible portion, the video should just move to the front. Instead, it moves to the front and stops. Webpages or applications don't stop when you do that.

#3. Space stops the video instead of advancing the page. If the video were full screen, a "space" I think would be acceptable to stop the playing video.


This falls into the category of "Do you want to print a test page" where yes and No are expected by my brain. Instead, you get OK and Cancel or the default dialogs.

Not as bad as "Keyboard error, Depress any key to continue"

I saw a sign yesterday "Patient only. No visitors" and not "Patients only. No visitors". It was the entrance to a waiting area where multiple patients could be waiting.

When I think about stuff like "Use other door" and "Do not enter" they are sometimes appropriate, but the direction of travel or "One way -->" makes more sense to me. e.g. point in the direction of travel. If i'm on a two way street at an intersection and straight was not allowed, then "Do not enter" is appropriate.

I really hate "all-way" stops. I would like to know if it's a 3 or 4 or 5-way stop to know if I scanned all possibilities.