Audio shielded wires components question

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Hello! I became interested in audio wires and I heard that shielded wires are usually used for audio connections for headphones.

For curiosity, I cut a headphone that has two connectors for each side of the earphones. When I cut one connector, there are two parts of the wire inside the outer plastic wire jacket.

This is the part that confuses me: One part has a white string wrapped with copper wires and second part has another white string wrapped up with copper wires and blue wires.

Can anyone tell what these parts are, especially the blue wire, and why they are separated into two parts within the same plastic jacket wire? Also, would this be considered shielded wire? I have attached photo/illustration below. Thank you and I look forward to hearing some thoughts/answers.

wires-02.jpg wires-03.jpg


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Thank you for the terms and linked informations!
Yes, thank you Google! -- by default i assume you/people can do a (fast/)"diagonal reading" of the information sources (picking out the items of your interest ... although it's good every now and then to read something new , you actually don't require for anything at the given time , or index(bookmark) sources for further purposes considering the contained links , terms , figures ... )