Antenna Farfield Measurement

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I am trying to get the value of the h field with a horn antenna as a reference antenna. I used a 90 degrees waveguide twist with the horn antenna in preset to measure le level of the received signal. But I am getting strange values.

Am I proceeding the right way to measure the h field? If yes is it a scaling issue if the values that I’ve got? If not how can I measure the h field knowing that I only have a stage ratatiné in the E filed?



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Main unknown - frequency. If between a 1 Hz and 10 GHz, the best option is GQ390. The second option is for 50 MHz-3,5 GHz namely Tenmars TM195. First is showing the frequency as well, both are showing V/m; A/m; W/m2. Your interest s A/m or microTeslas (1uT=1,257 A/m). Simply go to the site, switch on and read.

2) What is ratatine?
3) Far field most often have true the Z=376,73 Ohms, thus (V/m) / (A/m)=377. In contrast, the near field this law is rarely working, in bast case some rare points, but most of the places the magnetic component is prevailing over the electric.