1. Vaclav Zajic

    PT013 transformer details

    Hello, I have a transformer PT01-3 and I want to use it to measure voltage. The datasheet is attached. There is a current ratio specified (1mA/1mA) but no voltage ratio. Does it mean that when I connect 230V on the primary side, I will get the same voltage on the secondary side? I measured...
  2. S

    PAC1934 DC Power/Energy Monitor

    I want to read the voltage and current at the output of the line with the PAC1934 IC. It is stated that the breakdown limit is 40V, but when I give a voltage over 32V on this line, I cannot view it and there is an underlined phrase in the datasheet Page 3. What does it mean? How can I read a...
  3. G

    How do I find the uncertainty in a timestep for an oscilloscope

    I am trying to calculate the energy delivered by a short electrical pulse. I am using an oscilloscope to capture the waveform and then exporting it to a CSV file. My scope took measurements at a rate of once every 8 microseconds which means that each time time value could potentially vary by...
  4. PhysicsSolvesAll

    What are the ways to test a switching IC like TOP266EG with a multimeter?

    What are the ways to test a switching IC TOP266EG with a multimeter? I want to check it if it is damaged or not. Link to the datasheet: Here is the DATASHEET picture: Here is the appearence of IC:
  5. cyrilseban098

    My digital multimeter starts fluctuating while I bring it near to my started bike

    My digital multimeter starts fluctuating while I bring it near to my started bike even if the probes are not connected to any where .I can't read any value during that time.Therefore I cannot check my bike electrical circuit.My multimeter shows correct values when I connect to home ac supply...
  6. T

    Excitation of Wheat-Stone Bridge Measurement With Multi-channel ADC

    Hello, I'm currently working on a project, where I want to measure force using strain gauges. The strain gauges are configured in four point Wheatstone bridges. I'm using a four channel ADC. On each channel I feed in the amplified differential output voltage of a Wheatstone bridge. My question...
  7. smooth_jamie

    Why is high current used to measure increasingly low resistances?

    Hi All, For my work it is becoming more common for me to measure lower, and lower resistances. Megger has a really good manual on how to measure down to micro-ohms (for example to determine the quality of bus bar joints etc). I have found the 4-wire measurement to be very repeatable, and useful...
  8. E

    Developing an automated tester for electronic drive lines

    Hello everyone, I'm a graduating Elektrical Engineering student, for my last year project I have to develop an prototype for an automated testsystem for electronic drive lines. I started this thread to get help and tips about building this system. First of all , I should make some dynamic...
  9. Sprayman

    Help measuring voltage spike with oscilloscope

    I am tasked with confirming a report that said we had a large voltage spike (~400v I believe) when turning some equipment on. I went and put the oscilloscope on our main that is in the same box for the switch for the equipment. I throw the switch and see my measurements react a little but I...
  10. Emad2017

    How Can I submit a novel patentable design idea to a company?

    Hi there, Recently, I have designed a new charge amplifier than can be used to implement a precision and low-cost interface for piezoelectric sensors. I have published an article about the novel proposed circuit in IEEE Sensors Journal. ( A brief information about the new proposed circuit has...
  11. G

    Antenna Farfield Measurement

    I am trying to get the value of the h field with a horn antenna as a reference antenna. I used a 90 degrees waveguide twist with the horn antenna in preset to measure le level of the received signal. But I am getting strange values. Am I proceeding the right way to measure the h field? If yes...