Altium Designer "Flip" function not working correctly?

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I am designing a planar transformer in Altium.
I am using the planarTX plug-in I found on GitHub which is helping things move along a lot faster - however it only has the capability of creating spirals in a single direction.

This means it is not feasible for creation of a series connected turn, where the planar transformer coil must be moving in the same direction as the one on the top layer to be in-phase.

I have tried to use the flip function in Altium, however, this is just causing the planar coil to be transferred from the secondary layer to the primary layer and will not allow me to actually "flip" the coil on the same layer so that the same structure is kept but the direction of the coil is switched, granting me the function I desire. Please see attached photo which shows the two coils out of phase.

I will also attach the PCB document if it helps.