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  1. B

    Altium Impedance matching for PCB Antenna

    Hi I'm designing a new product with 2 layers, 1mm PCB, FR4, 1oz copper and a TX 433MHz PCB Antenna, we already use a very common model from the internet in our products (Application Note 52 - MICREL) and works fine, but learning more about RF i founded some things: 1: For 433MHz you should use...
  2. Younes Thabet

    Altium isn't showing unconnected nets errors

    Hello all, Today I received a PCB and after assembling it I discovered I forgot to route a voltage rail. The thing is that I am sure Altium showed no un-connected nets errors back then when I designed it. The net is highlighted below, see that both vias and pads are of the same net but not...
  3. Younes Thabet

    How to repeat power ports in multi-channel design in Altium?

    Hello all, I am making a multi-channel design in Altium Designer (like in the below image), the REPEAT prefix creates multiple instances of components but not power ports (+V, GND, ..). As you can see below in channel A, C29 becomes C29A but all power rails are the same for all channels...
  4. Younes Thabet

    Why polygons on solder layers aren't removing solder-mask at the board edges ?

    Hello all, I made a polygon on the top and bottom solder layer that goes to the end of the board (actually even beyond). but as you can see in the below image there is still a little bit of solder mask on the board edges! is this normal or something wrong? Is it gonna look like this in the PCB...
  5. Younes Thabet

    How to fix the cursor position box in altium?

    Hello all, This box (see image below) is moving with the cursor which makes it very hard to work. What can I do to make it stationary? in the top corner for example? Regards,
  6. Younes Thabet

    How to search for a part number in Altium Designer libraries?

    Hello, I have a schematic in a pdf format (generated by Altium Designer) which has the below capacitors labeled LEC692. My first guess was this must be the Part Number but I didn't find it in the "Miscellaneous devices" library!! And also looking into the internet didn't give anything!! Can...
  7. hulage

    Sample and hold circuit simulation in Altium

    I'm done getting crap output signals. I've tried to simulate about a dozen circuits with several operational amplifiers. Filters work fine, but SAH doesn't. I give up and asking you for help. There can I find tutorials about designing circuits with OP AMPs? Also, if you got a circuit, you are...
  8. V

    NCP1027 ATX power supply custom PCB not working

    I am newbie in AC supply PCB design. I have designed the PCB similar to NCP1027ATX evaluation board link. This is the link to pdf of my board schematic. The problem is that, at the output, the voltage is fluctuating and so that the microcontroller and other circuitry at the output not working. I...
  9. S

    Altium Designer "Flip" function not working correctly?

    I am designing a planar transformer in Altium. I am using the planarTX plug-in I found on GitHub which is helping things move along a lot faster - however it only has the capability of creating spirals in a single direction. This means it is not feasible for creation of a series connected...
  10. E

    How calculate the track width in Altium designer?

    Hey Peeps! Hope you all doing good. i'm currently designing a pcb in Altium designer for 2 motors which will consume a current of approximately 5amp for a very short interval of time like 500ms or 1s max, how much should i keep the minimum track width?? Thanks