5.0V-3.3V for 2-2/5A Load, Switching or LDO Regulator

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Hi everyone,

I need a 5.0V-3.3V for 2-2.5A load consumption, do I need a switching regulator or LDO just fine? I prefer the simplification of LDO design but am not sure if 2-2.5A load current needs better efficiency from a buck regulator.

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So you want to drop 5V to 3.3V @ 2.5A?
That would dissipate (5-3.3) * 2.5 = 4.25W in the LDO, which would require a good sized heatsink.

So which regulator to use depends on whether the 5V supply can readily supply the 2.5A, and whether adding that heatsink to get rid of the heat is a problem.
A switching regulator would likely dissipate about 1 Watt, and draw about 1.9A from the 5V supply
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