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    Capacitor Failure Issue

    Hi All, In one of our design we have manufactured LED strip PCB. In the design, there is LDO to regulate input voltage to 7.5VDC(V_MBI) from 24VDC(VIN) to feed an IC. As seen, F4 : 48V 120mA OZCJ0012FF2E as poly fuse, D9 : SMAJ26A as TVS. C7 : CC0603KRX7R9BB104 0.1uF 50VDC 0603 MLCC capacitor...
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    Trouble with overheating LDOs

    I am designing a custom pcb with a 3.3V and 5V LDO power regulator that converts 24V DC input to 3.3 and 5V to power a microcontroler , ethernet modbus transcievers, and some sensors. The whole system drawns maximum 200mA of current during operation 5V LDO = L78M05ABDT-TR 3.3V LDO=...
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    Need help understanding this LDO topology

    I'm trying to understand how a LDO topology works. It's in NXP IC's datasheet: It has the control circuitry inside the IC with external transistor. Parameters: VDD output = 1.8V Collector supply = 2.367V NPN: Nexperia PBSS4620PA L1: ferrite bead 26 Ohm @ 100MHz C1 = 470nF Rp = 1 Ohm Rs = 0.15...
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    5.0V-3.3V for 2-2/5A Load, Switching or LDO Regulator

    Hi everyone, I need a 5.0V-3.3V for 2-2.5A load consumption, do I need a switching regulator or LDO just fine? I prefer the simplification of LDO design but am not sure if 2-2.5A load current needs better efficiency from a buck regulator. Thank you,
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    Choice of error amplifier for LDO

    Hi There! I am, for several reasons about building a adjustable LDO. Some of the specifications are: - min input voltage 4.4V - max output voltage 3.6V - 500mV dropout, due to sense resistor - wide current output range - at least 20kHz bandwidth @ 10uA load, ideally 100kHz Pass element shall...
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    NPN BJT Emitter Follower - supply at Collector Current (Ic).?

    Greetings everyone, I am planning to design a current amplifier using an NPN BJT Transistor with an Emitter Follower configuration. On top of that, instead of using batteries, I am using 2 separate LDO voltage outputs as the input voltage(Vin/Vbb) to the BJT as well as the supply voltage...
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    LDO crash when Lipo reaches full charge with USB still powering.

    Hello, I'm just now getting into creating PCB's as a hobby, and created a little board that simply consists of a BLE module powered by a tiny Lithium polymer battery (40mah). Since the max operating voltage of the module is 3.6V, I also have an LDO that will drop the voltage down to 3.3V...