1. ashokraj

    how can I determine the Resistanc and capacitance value in a snubber circuit

    Hi, In the below circuit I would like to know how to determine the the resistance(R9) and capacitance(C6) value ? This circuit is a IOT based fan controller. Here we are using 240VAC, Even though they have shown the values I am interested in knowing how to design a RC snubber circuit for a fan...
  2. E

    Buck Converter from 48V to 5V

    I am using Arduino and Controlling FAN which works on 48v. so i am using 2 power supply smps in my design. One for Arduino that 5V smps and another for FAN that is 48V smps. I want to use single power supply in my design that is of 48Vdc. I was looking for a buck converter that will take 48V as...
  3. T

    Audio Amplifier Without Volume regulator

    Hello, I need Some help, if its possible Problem Description: I've Got Ceiling Speakers Pair (150 Watt each, Max). It has Some Amplifier in box, with only AUX (3.5 mm) audio port and Bluetooth option. It has no volume regulator or anything else. (model No. AMP-BTX 01) I've Mounted it in Ceiling...
  4. J

    voltage Stability factor of voltage regulation circuits

    Here a shunt voltage regulator circuit with two zener diodes One zener diode Z give the reference voltage at the comparator for the feedback signal . But I can't explain the role of the second zener diode Z1 I've to calculate Voltage Stability factor (Sv) . Any Suggestion is welcome.
  5. jcarlson023

    DC Switching linear regular design question

    Hello, I am fairly new to electronics design (I have a mech e background), and am designing a board that requires dropping 12v to 5v with a large current requirement (up to 8A@5V). In a bid to save on BOM, I took a shot at creating my own design vs buying one off the shelf, using the...
  6. C

    How to display various parameters (voltage, current and temperature) on 7-segment display every 5 seconds

    I have built an op-amp series pass voltage regulator, whose output is inputted into an analog-to-digital converter (ADC0804). The ADC's output is connected to a CoolRunner II CPLD Starter Board. This output corresponds to a value on a look-up table, which determines what value would be displayed...