buck converter


    please check my buck converter in simulink

    I I copied the buck converter in the picture and turned the simulation around. But the resulting waveform was not what I wanted. Shouldn't a dc waveform of 7.5V come out? What's the problem What role do transformers, diodes, resistors, capacitors, etc. play on the MOSFET gate input side, and...

    Questions about Buck converter

    What is the role and purpose of the 470uf capacitor? Is it simply disconnected because it's connected in parallel with 330uF? And 5 pin out is 15V pulse or low pulse? What is the expected transformer ratio?
  3. sidd342

    Microcontroller Based DC Converter

    Hey, I'm trying an ambitious project, making a DC converter using a microcontroller. I'm using a PNP transistor to drive both the high side and the low side MOSFET. When I'm trying the circuit, even if I keep the duty cycle as low as 20%, there is a path to the ground for the current (I'm...
  4. B

    Buck Boost Converter with MOSFET

    Hello all, Disclosure, I am an electrical engineer but I deal with designing power system for construction projects. I decided to go back for Masters in Power Electronics. I'm rusty with DC circuits. My homework is the same as a previous thread...
  5. UCanDoIt2

    Power Circuit Design - Car powered Apple AirTag

    Overview - I would like to install an Apple AirTag in a vehicle and have it gets its primary power from the vehicle's 12V battery. In the event that the 12V Battery is disconnected, I would like for a backup 3V Battery to continue to provide the power required to run the AirTag. Approach -...
  6. darrenrahnemoon

    Designing an Inverting Boost-Buck Convertor Issue

    Howdy! I'm trying to design a boost buck convertor from a 3D printer power module and I am using Multisim to simulate it before starting but I think I'm having issues with the biasing. (EE student noob here so bear with me!) My requirements are Vin 12V-30A Vout 0-50V (inverted) For the PWM I...
  7. J

    Three phase controlled rectifier for unusual battery charging application

    Hi, I'm building an engine driven generator to charge a 48V 300Ah LiFePO4 battery bank. The generator will output three phase power at 90 Vac line-to-line, 170 Hz. Electrical output power will be about 10kW at best efficiency point. I'm looking at options for how best to use this output to...
  8. VektorElektor

    Buck Converter Simulation in Python

    Hey everybody, first time here! As a personal project I am implementing a Buck Converter simulation in Python. My basic idea is to give a constant Vs supply and simulate the switch on/switch off steps in each switching period, calculate the increase/decrease in inductor current and calculate an...
  9. B

    Fan Controller - Thermistor Circuit

    Hi folks I am trying to build a circuit which will govern the speed of the fans in my solar cabinet based off the temperature inside. https://www.circuits-diy.com/temperature-controlled-fan-using-555/ I built this circuit hoping it would work with 6x 24v / 0.08A PC fans (40mm) I have 3 of...
  10. B

    Determine Capacitor Value for Smoothing DC Ripple

    Hi Ladies / Gents - I am trying to understand this concept a little better. C = I / (2 x f x Vpp) "Vpp = the minimum ripple (the peak to peak voltage after smoothing) that may be allowable or OK for the user, because practically it's never feasible to make this zero, as that would demand an...
  11. J

    Looking for a motor controller to implement between a 94V pace battery and a 24V transaxle motor?

    I have to use a 94V battery to power a 24V DC motor and looking for suggestions on a motor controller that will help with the buck converter aspect and in rush current of the motor? Im a student so still trying to learn the best way to do this and was told this may be the best approach? The...
  12. H

    What happens when a buck converter passes from max load to minimum load

    Hi guys, what happens if a buck converter that previously was designed to operate in CCM at full load (max power output) and then I connect a less load lets say 10% of the maximum load? I simulated this in LTSpice and I can see that the buck converter changes from CCM to CrCM or even DCM also I...
  13. PikiniTime

    Virtual impedance in parallel DC/DC converters

    Hello, I'm trying to implement virtual impedance in a two parallel DC-DC buck converters. Is there anyone who can help because I already read a lot of articles and did a lot of research and I can't figure it out. Thank you in advance
  14. E

    Voltage regulator for battery powered microcontroller

    Hi folks, I think what I have is a fairly simple question, yet I've spent so much time Googling, that I've completely lost track of what is what. I'm looking for an affordable voltage regulator to power an ESP32 from a number of AA or AAA batteries. I have bought a pair of these (Dutch...
  15. T

    5.0V-3.3V for 2-2/5A Load, Switching or LDO Regulator

    Hi everyone, I need a 5.0V-3.3V for 2-2.5A load consumption, do I need a switching regulator or LDO just fine? I prefer the simplification of LDO design but am not sure if 2-2.5A load current needs better efficiency from a buck regulator. Thank you,
  16. T

    PWM Buck Regulator Question

    Questions: 1. Why do switching regulator ICs have dedicated PWM inputs pins? 2. Can you use PWM on a low side switch at the output of a constant voltage buck regulator module? For instance Remcom Power's R-78E5.0-1.0. My concern is that dedicated PWM inputs operate differently than using an...
  17. AjaxKrish

    Buck Converter 72V(I/p) - 16V(o/p) 1A Need Help on Capacitor Values

    MP9486 I'm trying to design a 72v input to 16v output with 1A and 20% ripple current with MP9486. I'm stuck with calculating the Capacitor Values.
  18. anditechnovire

    Lithium batteries charging

    Please I have a bunch of lithium batteries connected in parallel, each rated 3.2v and 3Ah.(about 4 of them. I have a laptop charger with an output of 19v at 2.1A. I know I can't connect it directly to the batteries, so what type of circuit can I use to charge the batteries via the laptop...
  19. ronit991

    Better approach for powering up sensor nodes ?

    I have a sensor node containing an MCU & radio running at 3.3 V and a sensor running at 5 V. What is the better approach for powering up the system (in terms of efficiency, stability, etc.) : 1. High Voltage Battery + Buck Converter or 2. Low Voltage Batttery +...
  20. W

    Converting 1.5V from AAA cell to 0.8V output

    Hi all, I'm designing a circuit that needs to take 1.5V from two AAA cells in parallel and outputs 0.8V to a DPDT toggle switch (on-off-on) that connects the load to +0.8V, 0V, and -0.8V depending upon the switch position. The output current would ideally be able to reach up to 1.5A for safety...