buck converter

  1. ashokraj

    which type of dc to dc converter to use to convert 5V, 80mA input to 3V 300mA output?

    Hi, I am working on a solar panel whose output maximum specifications are 6V, 100mA ( nearly 0.6watt). Practically these values came to 5v, 80mA when tested in afternoon sun. I want to run a motor whose operating voltage is (3~12V), no load current is 180mA. I would like to know...
  2. E

    Buck Converter from 48V to 5V

    I am using Arduino and Controlling FAN which works on 48v. so i am using 2 power supply smps in my design. One for Arduino that 5V smps and another for FAN that is 48V smps. I want to use single power supply in my design that is of 48Vdc. I was looking for a buck converter that will take 48V as...
  3. D

    need help with bulding a DCDC Buck Circuit (multi output)

    Hello , I have a project that I wnat to build for him a DCDC back circuit right now I use 4 XL405 DC-DC , but I want to create my own circuit (this is for a small project I have and I will create ~ 100 of it) the input 24-35V the 4 output voltage are: 12V 2A 24V 2A 5V 4A 3.3V 1A I don't...
  4. J

    Need to power about 600 LEDs @ 5V which could consume about 30mA each. Looking for power supply options?

    I am working on some artwork that will have about 600 LEDs on it which each can consume about 30mA. (18A @ 5V). I am looking for a power supply solution to power all of these LEDs. My thought is to use a 24V or 36V power supply and buck that down to 5V for each strand of 100 LEDs (~3A @ 5V)...
  5. B

    Transformer high voltage spikes

    Hi all, I'm using a 220V - 24V transformer as a supply of 24V AC - 18V DC converter which is my own design. Since I cannot control the output of the transformer I put a crowbar circuit in the DC converter circuit as a precaution for the high voltages and it triggers around 42-43V DC. So the...
  6. poucedeleon

    Powering Multiple DC Devices

    I want to apologize for having my first post be so long. Since I am not sure where to start, I thought it might be beneficial to explain the whole problem I am designing/building a fly pack for my video gear. The pack is built in an 8U - 15” deep case that contains a number of Blackmagic Design...
  7. G

    Does buck converter without adjustable ampere can be modified?

    Hi guys... I have a buck converter 12a with only 1 trimpod for adjust the voltage. Can it be modified to adjust an ampere???? Or how to control the ampere ???
  8. P

    Need to Design 48v to 12v DC 10A Max Circuit

    Hi, I need to design a DC DC Converter Circuit: 48v to 12v DC 10A Max Current with Isolation. Anyone, please share reference design/Schematics if any.