buck converter

  1. H

    What happens when a buck converter passes from max load to minimum load

    Hi guys, what happens if a buck converter that previously was designed to operate in CCM at full load (max power output) and then I connect a less load lets say 10% of the maximum load? I simulated this in LTSpice and I can see that the buck converter changes from CCM to CrCM or even DCM also I...
  2. PikiniTime

    Virtual impedance in parallel DC/DC converters

    Hello, I'm trying to implement virtual impedance in a two parallel DC-DC buck converters. Is there anyone who can help because I already read a lot of articles and did a lot of research and I can't figure it out. Thank you in advance
  3. E

    Voltage regulator for battery powered microcontroller

    Hi folks, I think what I have is a fairly simple question, yet I've spent so much time Googling, that I've completely lost track of what is what. I'm looking for an affordable voltage regulator to power an ESP32 from a number of AA or AAA batteries. I have bought a pair of these (Dutch...
  4. T

    5.0V-3.3V for 2-2/5A Load, Switching or LDO Regulator

    Hi everyone, I need a 5.0V-3.3V for 2-2.5A load consumption, do I need a switching regulator or LDO just fine? I prefer the simplification of LDO design but am not sure if 2-2.5A load current needs better efficiency from a buck regulator. Thank you,
  5. T

    PWM Buck Regulator Question

    Questions: 1. Why do switching regulator ICs have dedicated PWM inputs pins? 2. Can you use PWM on a low side switch at the output of a constant voltage buck regulator module? For instance Remcom Power's R-78E5.0-1.0. My concern is that dedicated PWM inputs operate differently than using an...
  6. AjaxKrish

    Buck Converter 72V(I/p) - 16V(o/p) 1A Need Help on Capacitor Values

    MP9486 I'm trying to design a 72v input to 16v output with 1A and 20% ripple current with MP9486. I'm stuck with calculating the Capacitor Values.
  7. anditechnovire

    Lithium batteries charging

    Please I have a bunch of lithium batteries connected in parallel, each rated 3.2v and 3Ah.(about 4 of them. I have a laptop charger with an output of 19v at 2.1A. I know I can't connect it directly to the batteries, so what type of circuit can I use to charge the batteries via the laptop...
  8. ronit991

    Better approach for powering up sensor nodes ?

    I have a sensor node containing an MCU & radio running at 3.3 V and a sensor running at 5 V. What is the better approach for powering up the system (in terms of efficiency, stability, etc.) : 1. High Voltage Battery + Buck Converter or 2. Low Voltage Batttery +...
  9. W

    Converting 1.5V from AAA cell to 0.8V output

    Hi all, I'm designing a circuit that needs to take 1.5V from two AAA cells in parallel and outputs 0.8V to a DPDT toggle switch (on-off-on) that connects the load to +0.8V, 0V, and -0.8V depending upon the switch position. The output current would ideally be able to reach up to 1.5A for safety...
  10. A

    design 4A led driver for automotive application

    hello I am designing high power led lamp for vehicles using this led. led datasheet this led has If up to 6A and Vf is around 3 V, I am going to use it at 4A for longer life. My input voltage source is car battery so voltage range is 12V - 16 V I am hoping to connect two leds in series. since...
  11. ashokraj

    which type of dc to dc converter to use to convert 5V, 80mA input to 3V 300mA output?

    Hi, I am working on a solar panel whose output maximum specifications are 6V, 100mA ( nearly 0.6watt). Practically these values came to 5v, 80mA when tested in afternoon sun. I want to run a motor whose operating voltage is (3~12V), no load current is 180mA. I would like to know...
  12. E

    Buck Converter from 48V to 5V

    I am using Arduino and Controlling FAN which works on 48v. so i am using 2 power supply smps in my design. One for Arduino that 5V smps and another for FAN that is 48V smps. I want to use single power supply in my design that is of 48Vdc. I was looking for a buck converter that will take 48V as...
  13. D

    need help with bulding a DCDC Buck Circuit (multi output)

    Hello , I have a project that I wnat to build for him a DCDC back circuit right now I use 4 XL405 DC-DC , but I want to create my own circuit (this is for a small project I have and I will create ~ 100 of it) the input 24-35V the 4 output voltage are: 12V 2A 24V 2A 5V 4A 3.3V 1A I don't...
  14. J

    Need to power about 600 LEDs @ 5V which could consume about 30mA each. Looking for power supply options?

    I am working on some artwork that will have about 600 LEDs on it which each can consume about 30mA. (18A @ 5V). I am looking for a power supply solution to power all of these LEDs. My thought is to use a 24V or 36V power supply and buck that down to 5V for each strand of 100 LEDs (~3A @ 5V)...
  15. B

    Transformer high voltage spikes

    Hi all, I'm using a 220V - 24V transformer as a supply of 24V AC - 18V DC converter which is my own design. Since I cannot control the output of the transformer I put a crowbar circuit in the DC converter circuit as a precaution for the high voltages and it triggers around 42-43V DC. So the...
  16. poucedeleon

    Powering Multiple DC Devices

    I want to apologize for having my first post be so long. Since I am not sure where to start, I thought it might be beneficial to explain the whole problem I am designing/building a fly pack for my video gear. The pack is built in an 8U - 15” deep case that contains a number of Blackmagic Design...
  17. G

    Does buck converter without adjustable ampere can be modified?

    Hi guys... I have a buck converter 12a with only 1 trimpod for adjust the voltage. Can it be modified to adjust an ampere???? Or how to control the ampere ???
  18. P

    Need to Design 48v to 12v DC 10A Max Circuit

    Hi, I need to design a DC DC Converter Circuit: 48v to 12v DC 10A Max Current with Isolation. Anyone, please share reference design/Schematics if any.