10k linear potentionmeter question

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Okay so I do have a little understand of how things work, but need to replace a 10k pot.

My pot is one of those multiturn blue ones with the screw on top. It has 3298 on the side and has w103 153c printed on the top.

I can find plenty of 3298 pots, I can find plenty of w103, but when it comes to finding them with the 153c then it becomes harder.

So here is my question....
What do the numbers printed on the top of it mean?
I can find w102,103,104 etc these I know are the difference values, 1k, 5k 10k
And find 177c, 134T, 13, as the 2nd number, but what is this number for?

As long as it say w103 can I disregard the other number printed on the top?

where can I get W103 153c from?

any help grateful received.

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Great, thanks for the information.
i just didn’t want to put a w103 ??? into it a blow something else up!
As long as the 153c is only a date code or something like that and I can just put any 10k trimmer pot, then I am happy.
it was this photo that threw me (this isn’t what I have but is an example of what I mean) as some are w103 153c and some w103 143c
Anyway thanks for the answers.