1. MrsssSu

    How to fix this circuit (IR 2184) ?

    Hi all, I refer to this website at here . This circuit should give a complementary square waveform (R1 square wave & R2 inverted square wave). However, I did get a good square wave across R2 but R1 did not get any square wave. Does anyone know how to fix this? I have attached my LT spice below...
  2. MrsssSu

    IR2184 gate driver LT spice file

    Hi all, can anyone share IR2184 gate driver LT spice file with me that can be downloaded ? Thank you:)
  3. MrsssSu

    Half-Bridge Inverter (IR2184) chip connection

    Hi all, I bought this IR 2184 which is used in half-bridge inverter. Will the peak voltage of PWM of GS of mosfet as shown in green will be according to Vcc which means in this case, if I use a Vcc (12V) and PWM of 8V peak (IN), it will output a 12V peak square wave at GS of both mosfet? And...
  4. G

    Replacing Tactile Switch

    Hi, I need help determining which switches to use to replace the ones that are intermittent on the controls for my electric blanket. I believe it's this one, based on how it looks, but I don't know whether or how to determine if it's 24v or 12v. The switches don't always work when pressed...
  5. MrsssSu

    Small pull-down resistor for mosfet (fast switching, high capacitance)

    Hi readers, When I used this IRF 3205 which has high capacitance between the Gate-Source of the mosfet, whenever I add a lower pull-down resistor, the switching becomes faster and faster (visible nice square wave). For my case, for IRF 3205 to fast switching at 20kHz (nice square wave), it would...
  6. MrsssSu

    PS2501 optocoupler LT Spice Library File

    Hi, is there anyone having this PS 2501 optocoupler library from LT Spice. Pardon Me, I couldn't find on the internet :). Please attach it below. Thank you
  7. MrsssSu

    PNP and NPN recommendation for mosfet driver

    Dear readers, Above is taken from here . Can anyone recommend transistor Q1 (npn) and Q2 (pnp) to me for driving a mosfet at a 100kHz or higher. What are some of the common best fast switching Q1 and Q2 that can handle high current and high frequency PWM at its base ? Thank you :)
  8. MrsssSu

    Optocoupler for high frequency

    Dear Readers, I got this PS2501 optocoupler datasheet at here. In the image shown, the rise time and fall time is microseconds and I am afraid it's not suited for my needs as it will produce some switching losses in H-bridge circuit running at 100kHz minimum. Are there any very-high speed...
  9. J

    How to trigger a relay when the signal voltage slowly rises from 0v to 12v?

    Hi all, My requirement is to connect an additional light in parallel to my car's interior cabin light. My car supports upto 10w and I already have a 2W LED bulb inside, and the additional light is about 25W, so connecting it directly is not an option. So I connected a 12v relay with the signal...
  10. C

    Motorcycle Headlights Question

    Hello everyone, I got an old motorcycle (Sachs 125cc) and I need to fix my front headlights, because their lighting isn't powerful enough. I am not using a battery for them and they only work with the dynamo. As a result when I hit the gas the headlights shine enough and I want to keep that...
  11. MrsssSu

    NE 555 (On , Off, ON) when subjected to different input voltage

    Hi readers, :) I found this at Click here This is an example of a disconnect and reconnect circuit using NE555. This means that the state of load will be (High, then, Low, them High). However, when I simulated using LT Spice it just give me (Low and High only). Does anyone know how to make the...
  12. MrsssSu

    Produce an oscillating Dc wave

    Hi People :), The reason why I will be needing an oscillating dc waveform is because I need it to be fed into the input of a comparator to produce high frequency square wave dc signal. I built this Wein Bridge Oscillator and it works fine to produce quite a high frequency sine wave. However, I...
  13. MrsssSu

    Produce high frequency square wave

    Hi readers:), When decreasing R1 value, output frequency will increase. However, I get bad waveform when high frequency. How do I get a good square wave (100kHz) using this LM 741 chip that I bought? Simulation is attached below for your reference and modification to the answer :)
  14. MrsssSu

    Generate Complementary PWM with dead time.

    I have a similar question to click here. However, in my case i am using ne 555 for logic gate inverter :). I have generated the complementary PWM and it works totally fine. My question is how to add a dead time between the pulses. From click here, people suggests to use an RC network, how do I...
  15. MrsssSu

    Is this part a tiny step-up converter?

    Hi People :), This is a design I saw at here. Does this highlighted part a tiny step-up voltage converter after it has been stepped down by the transformer in order to prevent voltage drop when a heavy load is connected? Thank you
  16. MrsssSu

    High current Step-down converter efficiency problem

    Hi People:), I am trying to build a synchronous step-down converter but my LT spice simulation shows poor efficiency. The picture above is at Here . I have attached my LT spice below for reference. May I know if this is the right way or anyone can correct my LT spice file and send it in the...
  17. MrsssSu

    Lithium ion charged at 5V 2A, why internal resistance is not 2.5 Ohms?

    Lithium ion cell are charged at 5V and 2A max. Following Ohm's Law, 5V/2A would mean at least a 2.5 Ohm internal resistance of battery. However, Lithium ion internal resistance is only about 0.28 Ohms. How is that possible :)?
  18. K

    Linear voltage converter (kinda)

    Good evening, I’m not an expert in electronic design by any means so please excuse any lack of understanding. I’m working on a current project where I need basically a linear voltage “adapter” I have an analog voltage DC signal of -10v to 10v and I need to somehow convert that to be between...
  19. MrsssSu

    Why my Relay short-circuited ?

    I have a relay but rated at 3A, 30V DC only similar to this. When I connect the Pole and NC directly using a lithium ion battery (4V), a fire occur and it shortcicruicted. However, when i measure the resistance betwwen 2 pins (Pole and NC), it reads 16 Ohms. What should i do :) ? Thank you for...
  20. MrsssSu

    Can I use 5V 30 Amps PSU on a Lithium ion battery charger module?

    Hi, if I use a 5V 30Amps Power Supply Unit to plug into the input of this Lithium ion battery charger module, is it fine since it will draw a limited output of 1A to charge the battery which it requires right ?