1. M

    SPI EEPROM 25LC1024 VHDL question

    Hi to all, I wrote a code for read a 25LC1024 EEPROM (Datasheet). I use this code: -- THIS IS THE VHDL CODE FOR READ 25LC1024 EEPROM. -- CLAUDIO LA ROSA LIBRARY ieee; USE ieee.std_logic_1164.all; USE ieee.std_logic_arith.all; USE ieee.std_logic_unsigned.all; ENTITY EEPROM25LC1024 IS PORT(...
  2. omarnossa7

    VHDL Code, when I try to simulate it, the signals does not work, losses, show a orange color

    [Simulation error](https://i.stack.imgur.com/5bPNK.png) Im using a Nexys 3 Spartan 6 Lower Power XC6SLX16L the idea of the program is with a timer counter with specific conditions with the bottoms Here is my code: ``` library IEEE; use IEEE.STD_LOGIC_1164.ALL; use IEEE.NUMERIC_STD.ALL...
  3. stryker1803

    Created a project for my Zybo Z7 - 7010 but it wont work.

    Hello guys, This last week I've been learning VHDL using Vivado and a Zybo Z7 I bought. I created an Altitude simulator. It uses LEDS, Buttons and PMOD Double Seven Segment. After I created the code and run it using a tb I decided to upload it into the board but is not working. I'm new to this...
  4. mojaha

    divide two 64bit number to a result float number

    I want to divide two 64 bit number and the result will be a float number How I can do this by VHDL?
  5. Swaysceptile

    Trouble simulating the output for a VHDL design code

    A VHDL design code for a remote-controlled garage door opener with sensors is provided to us. It has 8 states, 4 for each door. Testbench is not provided, and I did one (with the help of a testbench generator as well). The output should look something like this: ] I used web application...
  6. xaxxa

    testing on a virutal FPGA

    Hello, I'm trying to learn how to code in VHDL. I already have some basis I learned from school and I want to improve my knowledge in this field. I was wondering if there is any way to test my code on a kind of virtual FPGA. Is there any website or software that allows you to test your code as...
  7. T

    has anyone installed TerosHDL on his VS code on Widwons Subystem Linux?

    I am looking froward on how to install TerosHDL since it looks promising for VHDL programming which includes visual representation of the modules which helps me a lot. does anyone has experience on installing it since I am bit lost on the website step by step instructions? TerosHDL
  8. Adrienboub

    Code for put number on LCD 4 bits from an input of 32 bits (clk 50MHz)

    Hello, I share my VHDL code for put number of 4 bit on the LCD-4bit of the virtex-6. The input is a biggest numer of 32bit. One state machine for display and another for transmission. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ library IEEE; use...
  9. J

    Issue implementing counter in VHDL

    Hi everyone, I have just started using VHDL and I am trying to understand a piece of code I code I was handed. The counter must count up to 0xBEBC200 (which is equal to 200,000,000) and whenever there is a change in the clock signal, the program will enter the process statement to assess wether...