1. I

    Differential amplifier comparator troubleshooting

    I have build a differential amplifier comparator and it works fine except that instead of switching voltage between zero and 5v, it toggles it between 3.5v and 5v. So, I would like to know if there's a way to make it switch between 0-5v. The schematic is as follows
  2. MrsssSu

    Amplify Flip Flop signal from NE 555 timer using transistors

    Above is the graph across R7 (Load). Hi readers, Flip Flop with Ne555 timer means turning on an led and another one off, as shown in picture, and this alternate on and off pattern continues. This video can be found at Click Here . I have succeeded in amplifying one of the 2 signal as shown in...
  3. cikalekli

    BJT Common Emitter Large and Small Signal Research

    Hi, I want to study about BJT Common Emitter Large (or bias) and Small Amplifier Circuits. My question is I could not find a decent sufficient resource neither from youtube nor from google. :( I want to study about those common emitter large & small signal models, analysis, ac gain, input &...
  4. A

    Peavey Centurion Mark III head with high DC voltage output

    Hello, I have a 1980 Peavey Centurion Mark III head that was buried in my garage unused for 15 years. I knew it had problems (it's not mine, i got it from a friend who was throwing it) so before doing something i checked all the components and everything looked great. Once done I plugged it to...
  5. Marky G

    What SMD component is this?

    This is from an adblue ecu circuit for Citroen/ Peugeot cars. I need help identifying these components. Thanks for all your replies! The first one has 3 pins with the letters CG and a Y that's horizontal (on another board it shows CG with a U that's horizontal). The second one that's...
  6. Z

    Problem with transistor

    Hello, in the following image you can see a circuit with a npn transistor. I marked the given values with red and the unknown with blue. Below the circuit you can see my calculations and solutions. I'm stuck at finding I1. I would be very thankful for some guidance.
  7. Fishtacoburritosupreme

    Psu transistor please help

    Please can anyone help me determine what type and model of transistor this psu uses(voltage, amp, etc), the one it had were removed and I have no idea what Trans use D:
  8. anditechnovire

    Depletion mode MOSFET

    Since the depletion type or depletion mode mosfet is "normally close", does it mean it does not require any gate voltage to "turn ON"? i.e current can flow in the drain-source circuit easily without any gate turn on voltage. And hence no threshold voltage is applicable?
  9. Hertzegovac

    How am I going to do this?

    Hello, I have been looking for a solution for my abs lamp in my car. Now, this might not be car site or something like that but it is somewhat related to this site. Here is the problem: When I am starting my car, abs lamp should be on for a few seconds and than off. The only problem is that...
  10. P

    Biasing the push-pull follower to eliminate distortion

    Could anyone please explain me the circuit? Especially the role of the 100 ohm resistor. In addition, which of the transistors conducts in positive and negative input? Thank you.
  11. G

    Design of 8-bit shift register

    Hi! I'm a student of Electric Engineering and I got a problem on a Electronic project. I have to make an 8-bit shift register with serial input and serial output. The basics of the project is that it has to have two push buttons: one will be a logic 1 and the other a logic 0. The shift register...
  12. aapitten

    Help with PNP-Based SPDT Switch with 'Off'

    Hey everyone, As part of a larger project I need a circuit that functions like a SPDT relay, but also need an 'OFF' position. It is a rather complex application but, to explain it simply, I have a switch that has two solenoids attached to it. One solenoid moves it 'on' and the other moves...