flashing LEDs circuit

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Found this simple circuit on youtube and I'd like to know the equation for how to vary R and C to change the flashing frequency.
Also, how to increase the current through the led with 3.3 V battery as power source to maximize brightness.




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Depending upon what You expect this Flasher to do, this is a poor design.
This Circuit is discharging the Capacitor into the LED,
this "spikes" the LED with far more Current than it is rated for and will probably shorten it's life-span.
This is a "gimmick" Circuit made just to get Clicks on YouTube.
Use a "555" Chip instead, it is far more versatile.
Or use a standard 2-Transistor Multi-Vibrator-Circuit like this ............
Change the value of the 2- 100K Resistors to vary the Flash-Rate.
Dual LED Flasher 2n2907 .png