1. M

    About LTC2668 component signal glitch, sudden short voltage drop before the main pulse

    I have the LTC2668 on my board, I am doing signal verification on it. https://www.analog.com/en/products/ltc2668.html#product-overview I found that all SEL1~8 outputs have weird drop of voltage before the main pulse as shown in the waveform below (this sudden voltage drops always happens at a...
  2. JohnWelder

    EDUP 8W Wifi Power Amplifier 2.4GHz, need help!!!

    As the title says I want to buy this Wifi Signal Repeater Router Range Extender and price seems good but I worry about quality. Its about this one - https://aliexpress.com/e/_DBrAU1x Any help is wellcome, Thanks!
  3. fujigoata

    LM386 Input filter trouble

    Hello. I am new to electronics and I am trying to complete an LM386 audio amplifier that includes a bandpass filter between 5 and 33 Hz. I know some of the frequencies are outside the frequency range humans can hear. I am testing using a function generator on NI Multisim to get around this. My...
  4. spacejedigundam

    how to Vernier TDC adjust every stage time differential to achieve 1 TLSB ?

    How do we get td1 - td2 = 2ns? I have no IDEA about how to adjust delay cell ,Thanks solving my problem , Thanks a lots
  5. spacejedigundam

    How to measure 10bit SAR ADC 's input Dynamic range after switch 9 time ?

    I want to know 10 bit SAR ADC , supply voltage 0.5V , Vcm based , after DAC switch 9 times , how to measure DAC input Dynamic range ? I need to know voltage range that I can use Voltage to time Converter transfer the voltage to times Thanks everyone reading Sample_N = DAC's N node...
  6. Z

    Sine and Cosine in Real Life

    Hello, first of all, I'm sorry if this is not the place for this thread. I want to ask, whether is my understanding about sine and cosine in real life is correct or not. I came across this a question(about conventional DSB AM to be specified), where we have two signals m(t) = 2sin(2000*pi*t)...
  7. A


    hi to all i have a question about the AM signal power in am modulation in attach file i have derive the power of am signal but ther a term <m(t)> is the mean value of message i can ignore this term generally or in the case where the m(t) have zero offset? thank you George
  8. A

    Documenting a TRF Radio build

    Greetings, I'm new to electronics and am interested in the field just as a hobbyist. I've read the Complete electronics self teaching guide by Boysen and Kybett and am now moving to Basic Antennas ARRL and Building your own transistor radios by R. Quan. To be honest im attracted to RF...
  9. G

    H bridge problems using IR2110

    Hello, I designed attached circuit to drive H Bridge. My generated input signals are in attached picture, duty cyce that I am using is 40% for each signal, 99 kHz frequency. As result I am getting really bad shape of signal on R9 resistor. I am no getting steep signal when I turning H bridge...
  10. W

    proximity sensor 2 meters

    Hi, can anyone help me with ideas on building devices that produce an audible signal when come close to each other, say 2 meters or less. Both devices continue signalling until they are two or more meters apart. Think about a microphone moved close to a speaker - you hear an unpleasant...