1. L

    Why does mutual Coupling changes self resonant frequency and alters frequency response?

    Hello all. I am conducting a simulation based report on resonant inductive coupling. I intend to calculate power transferred as a function of input frequency. For this I used the formulae for self resonant frequency and calculated a SRF of 3.283MHz using 10mH, 235pF and 0.25Ohms as my values...
  2. OriyaEliav

    Magnetic Resonant Wireless kit

    Hello I'm looking for a Magnetic Resonant Wireless Evaluation kit ( with Transmitter and Receiver boards or chips) I can't find it on the Internet and I want to buy it. The distance between the Transmitter to the Receiver has to be at least 5 cm. Best regards, Oriya
  3. D

    Primary and Secondary coil resonant frequency (vttc)

    When designing a Vacuum tube Teslacoil, must the calculated resonant frequency value of the secondary tank circuit be equal to the calculated resonant frequency value of the primary tank circuit? Im new to this sorry.
  4. C

    Theoretical values for ”natural frequency”, currents and voltage at electrical resonance.

    I am supposed to calculate the theoretical values for ”natural frequency”, currents and voltages at electrical resonance for this circuit. I should use the measured values for the resistance and the inductance of the coil. Also the measured value of the capacitance to the capacitor. The...