1. B

    LLC converter working above resonance

    Hello I am designing LLC Half-Bridge converter. Pout = 500W Out= 12V Vin=390V Fr = 80kHz Lr = 30 uH, Cr = 120nF , Lp = 190uH The converter is working always above resonant frequency. The oscillographs you see are measured in 200W Pout. As you can see the green channel is Lr current, red channel...
  2. F

    LTspice: using conditional statements to switch ON & OFF voltage–controlled switches in a resonance circuit

    Hi, An initially charged capacitor in a resonance circuit undergoes periodic voltage reversal (blue line), as shown below: A possible circuit to address this problem uses 2 capacitor banks & switch modules, as shown: C₁ and C₂ represent metallized film capacitor banks of equal capacitance...
  3. A

    Trying to find the amplitude at the gate of a mosfet

    When RLC is in a resonance state that means the total impedance seen by Vs is just Rs. I see no use in this information. This problem kinda confuses me because there's no current flowing into the gate of this transistor so there would be no voltage drop in Rs so the amplitude at the gate would...
  4. Xenon02

    Can someone correct my view of resonance.

    Hello ! I've got a question about resonance. I know that the circuit is in resonance when XL = XC. So they are reduced to 0. For example here : If I have here ZL = ZC two times. Like in series resonance, that it is a short-circuit. Does it mean that I reduce every ZL and ZC to zero that the...
  5. Bassem Faris

    How to use speaker instead of piezoelectric to have a mist maker?

    Hi all I watched a video that someone used ferrous core and rounded a coil around it and made an oscillator circuit.. and he could make mist with it. I was wondering if we can use suitable size speaker to do the same thing.
  6. S

    Modelling this circuit

    Hello Leute, I've been having a hard time with my school project and wondered if you could help me. My task is that I have to modell a circuit of wireless charging (seen on the picture). For help I was given this Wikipedia link and later on I was told by my teacher that my main goal should be...
  7. L

    Why does mutual Coupling changes self resonant frequency and alters frequency response?

    Hello all. I am conducting a simulation based report on resonant inductive coupling. I intend to calculate power transferred as a function of input frequency. For this I used the formulae for self resonant frequency and calculated a SRF of 3.283MHz using 10mH, 235pF and 0.25Ohms as my values...
  8. OriyaEliav

    Magnetic Resonant Wireless kit

    Hello I'm looking for a Magnetic Resonant Wireless Evaluation kit ( with Transmitter and Receiver boards or chips) I can't find it on the Internet and I want to buy it. The distance between the Transmitter to the Receiver has to be at least 5 cm. Best regards, Oriya
  9. D

    Primary and Secondary coil resonant frequency (vttc)

    When designing a Vacuum tube Teslacoil, must the calculated resonant frequency value of the secondary tank circuit be equal to the calculated resonant frequency value of the primary tank circuit? Im new to this sorry.
  10. C

    Theoretical values for ”natural frequency”, currents and voltage at electrical resonance.

    I am supposed to calculate the theoretical values for ”natural frequency”, currents and voltages at electrical resonance for this circuit. I should use the measured values for the resistance and the inductance of the coil. Also the measured value of the capacitance to the capacitor. The...