Magnetic Resonant Wireless kit

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I'm looking for a Magnetic Resonant Wireless Evaluation kit ( with Transmitter and Receiver boards or chips)
I can't find it on the Internet and I want to buy it.
The distance between the Transmitter to the Receiver has to be at least 5 cm.

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Is it sth for wirless charging?? You should use a correct wording to understand what is it.
The reason why Google not find it is identical.


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no, I'm looking for resonant charging, it's different than inductive charging.
Inductive charging with the twist of being even less efficient. The technique is still “inductive” because the energy transfer is magnetic.
Resonant wireless charging addresses the main drawback of inductive wireless charging; the requirement to closely couple the coils which demands precise alignment from the user. Resonant wireless charging is not without its own drawbacks, though. Chief among these are a relatively low efficiency due to flux leakage (even at close range a well-designed system might demonstrate an efficiency of 30 percent at 2 cm, dropping to 15 percent at 75 cm coil separation (again, depending on where the measurement is made)), greater circuit complexity and, because of the (typically) high operating frequencies, potential electromagnetic interference (EMI) challenges.