mosfet driver

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    Gate Driver vs Opamp

    Hello, I build an RLC circuit using the MCP1402 as a gate driver. At resonance the MCP1402 will drive a 20 ohms load (plus 3 ohms which is the DCR of the coil). Unfortunately the MCP1402 has around 12 ohms output impedance (according to this) and so it cannot drive the load effectively. A more...
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    Mosfet not switching off with solenoid valve.

    I want to switch on a 12V 1A(peak 1.4A) solenoid valve for 0.1-3 seconds(set using a trimpot) and then switch it off. I'm using 555(operating at 5V, triggered by a IR sensor which operates on 5V only) in monostable mode to generate a 0.1-3s pulse, which is fed directly to gate of mosfet(IRF540-...
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    Completed Project Choosing a MOSFET driver

    Hello all, i am planing on to use six MOSFETs in parallel and wish to drive it via a MOSFET driver but not how to select one. What are the specs to be considered when choosing one ? From what i learned would this from MICROCHIP do the job ?