mosfet driver

  1. kalemaxon89

    2 MOSFETs Switch application

    I was recently asked to use 2 mosfets to make a switch that turns a fan on/off via a PWM pin of an stm32 (this allows a gradual switch-on of the fan and not all at once .. here). I cannot understand why I need two and not one mosfet. Maybe it's because having a GPIO PWM [0 ... 3.3]V output that...
  2. A

    Driving RFP30N06LE N-Channel MOSFET with TC4420 MOSFET Driver

    Hi all, I'm trying to drive a RFP30N06LE N-Channel MOSFET with TC4420 MOSFET Driver. The MOSFET is used to switch a [1W LED][1]. The input to the MOSFET driver is provided by the 5V from an Arduino Nano. But my circuit is not working: it seems that the VDD somehow leaks to the input of the...
  3. A

    Can mosfet driver supply continuous current of 2Amps?

    Hello I am using a MOSFET driver circuit to supply power from one section to another section in my design. I need to pass 2Amps current from one section to another section in my design. I have selected SI2301 (p-channel mosfet) and SI2302 (n-channel mosfet). My question is that can a mosfet...
  4. H

    Purchasing MOSFET and MOSFET Driver

    I want to buy a MOSFET in the rating of 600V/20A. I also want to buy MOSFET driver for that. I have to use it with Arduino Uno for controlling purpose. But I can't select which one to buy. Can anyone suggest me a good MOSFET + MOSFET Driver?
  5. S

    Can someone help me please!!!? IRFZ44n MOSFET heats up driving TEC Peltier

    Hello everyone, I would really appreciate if you could help me Im making a mini fridge controller (PID), using a 4n25 optocoupler, an IRFZ44n Mosfet and a tec peltier I connect it to a 12v and 3 A and arduino 5v As soon as the arduino code is uploaded and I connect it, the mosfet starts to...
  6. flaviotmz5

    Gate driver for two switch forward converter

    I'm trying to understand how to drive the MOSFET's in the two-switch forward, I designed a 200W DC-DC converter, 50V input 100V output but I was looking for using an MCU and IC in this case I have an IR2110 high side low side for the gate drive, I don't know if it is possible to use it? and if...
  7. E

    Recommendation for boostrap circuit

    Hi guys, I am new in here. I designed a boostrap circuit with ir2112 ıc, but I want to rise up frenquency from 500k to 1mhz . I wonder how do I make such a circuit ? My circuit is bottom.
  8. M

    IR2110 high side not working

    Three months ago I made a circuit to drive small dc motor with only one Mosfet connected as high side and used IR2110 to drive the Mosfet and it worked. Now I’m trying to remake the same circuit and it’s not working. I checked the connections like 100 times also I went back to the simulations I...
  9. A

    Voltage Source Opto XX?

    Hey There, so looking into Optocouplers, I just realized that the output is a transistor controlled by the light from the input - I (for some reason) thought it was a voltage source like a solar panel. Anyways, this would have funny, maybe stupid applications, like generating very high...
  10. Arijeet

    Grounding problem is coming between boost converter and mosfet driver

    I am designing a boost converter which is rated on 100 watts, 12 volts to 24 volts, switching frequency is 20 khz, in open-loop conditions. when I give the input power supply to the circuit as 12 volts, my driver (HCPL 4506 Mosfet Driver) will take VCC as 24 volts due to My microcontroller can...
  11. M

    drive mosfet with 3.3V, minimal component count

    i have a 3.3v digital pin, attempting to use a PNP to switch an Nfet (Vdrain=5v) on/off at a rate of 1kHz. i can't use the inverting-NPN method to drive the gate because that way the Nfet would be on for a few mS after POR. Here's my circuit with a minimal # of parts: Am i full of it? Is there...
  12. crookedspoon

    Blinkers as positioning lights, circuit fails on high(er) load.

    Hi all, First post here and very much beginner in electronics, trying to dive in. For my motorcycle, I’m trying to implement positioning lights in the blinkers: When turning on the blinkers, the blinker blinks regularly. When the blinkers is turned off, after a short delay, the blinkers shine...
  13. KaputFPV

    Mosfet array for low voltage and low current

    (I am quite new to electronics and pcb design.) (necessary files are attached, tell me if you need something else ) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi everyone, I am making a MOSFET...
  14. 8

    Gate Driver vs Opamp

    Hello, I build an RLC circuit using the MCP1402 as a gate driver. At resonance the MCP1402 will drive a 20 ohms load (plus 3 ohms which is the DCR of the coil). Unfortunately the MCP1402 has around 12 ohms output impedance (according to this) and so it cannot drive the load effectively. A more...
  15. K

    Mosfet not switching off with solenoid valve.

    I want to switch on a 12V 1A(peak 1.4A) solenoid valve for 0.1-3 seconds(set using a trimpot) and then switch it off. I'm using 555(operating at 5V, triggered by a IR sensor which operates on 5V only) in monostable mode to generate a 0.1-3s pulse, which is fed directly to gate of mosfet(IRF540-...
  16. A

    Completed Project Choosing a MOSFET driver

    Hello all, i am planing on to use six MOSFETs in parallel and wish to drive it via a MOSFET driver but not how to select one. What are the specs to be considered when choosing one ? From what i learned would this from MICROCHIP do the job ?