integrated circuit

  1. ChrisWhite85

    Solar LED Troubleshooting and Learning

    Hi all, I have a Solar LED Light that is not working, and I want to use this to get back into electronics a little. I'm a Control Systems designer, but this level of electrical work still creates a lot of confusion for me. So I am hoping to use this as a learning project. The board is a...
  2. lex4794

    How to wire up PWM control chip to DC DC boost circuit

    Hello, I need some help connecting an 8 pin current mode PWM controller to my boost converter circuit. Specifically this one. I have used controller IC's with integrated switches to make boost converters before, however, the amount of power I need to run through the circuit requires an external...
  3. dignificent

    Texas Instruments BQ24640RVAT

    Received feedback that these parts are mysteriously over-heating when sent certain commands. When switched out with comparable parts in stock> No over-heating occured . Curious if this is impacting other users of this part or not. Is it a sign that this part could be counterfeit? Is there a bad...
  4. Alex_Khan

    Designing differential Signal modulator.

    Hello, I would like your suggestion on my first design Differential signal modulator [simulation attached]. Before jumping into design let me highlight my objective. I am differentiating a control signal of 1MHz and then modulating it with carrier frequency 15MHz(not limited to this specific...
  5. Alex_Khan

    Opto-isolator/ optocoupler for electric isolation in IC design.

    Hello everyone. I came across while reading the opto-isolator technique used for electric isolation in embedded systems/ Integrated Circuits design that " Opto-isolator is not recommended for electric isolation in power applications IC's mainly due to its dV/dt sensitivity". So I would like to...
  6. Errorbot1122

    How do you identify ICs and other components on a circuits board

    So i'm currently trying to take parts out of a Bluetooth speaker's circuit-board and find the Bluetooth module for a DIY project. I looked at the board and some ICs and tried looking them up to no avail. So How Do you read an IC or any other components on the board Or even find a schismatic...
  7. Alex_Khan

    Galvanic isolation in IC.

    Hello, I would need you guidance 'how galvanic isolation can be achieved in IC technology ? ' Thanks.
  8. Alex_Khan

    Modulating frequency of Multi-vibrator circuit (CMOS technology)

    Hello, I am modulating control signal with Multivibrator circuit in CMOS technology. I use this formula (1/2.2RC) to find the frequency of modulated signal with multivibrator. But my simulation (result) and theoritical (calculation) of frequency is not matching. I am using CADENCE software tool...
  9. T

    Analog CMOS IC layout: DRC, DFM, DFR

    Regarding CMOS analog IC layout, what are differences between DRC, DFM and DFR? What I understood during research: - DRC (Design Rule Check) checks if a laid out block follows technology rules what ensures dimensional precision and electrical parameters - DFM (Design For Manufacturing)...