1. L

    Square wave oscillator based on comparator AD8611

    Hi, I need to create a square wave oscillator with variable frequency upto 200 MHz and (optionally) variable duty cycle. I've got several components for this: a comparator AD8611, an operational amplifiers AD8009 and AD8055. I tried mutiple circuits, but it didn't help. Could someone please...
  2. M

    Latch Comparator - 0.264V above 1.65V or below 1.65V

    I want to use a current sensor IC (like the AC712), but a Chinese one CC6903-10A because it works with 3.3V. There is a circuit in the ACS712 datasheet (page 12) which also appears in the CC6903 datasheet (page 5, middle/bottom right) that is meant to latch when a high current occurs. Now, Vout...
  3. I

    Differential amplifier comparator troubleshooting

    I have build a differential amplifier comparator and it works fine except that instead of switching voltage between zero and 5v, it toggles it between 3.5v and 5v. So, I would like to know if there's a way to make it switch between 0-5v. The schematic is as follows
  4. H

    Noninverting Configuration With Hysteresis-Clarifications required

    Dear Team, I need some clarifications for a non-inverting comparator design. I am using TLV7031 from TI.The circuit configuration is given as shown. In the datasheet it is given as " When VIN is low, the output is also low. For the output to switch from low to high, VIN must rise to VIN1 ". This...
  5. M

    advice on a current measurment circuit

    Here's a circuit i've designed for measuring approximate current flowing through a mosfet. I have a uC that has no ADC, it only has a comparator and an internal bandgap reference voltage. So i can't just connect the drain to an ADC input and divide the voltage by Rmosfet. The line marked "PWM"...
  6. H

    Window Comparator_Pull_Up Resistor_Comparator with Push Pull Output

    Dear Team, Do we need to use pull up resistor when designing a Window comparator using a comparator IC with push pull output(like TLV1805 ). Regards HARI
  7. Sudip Mandal 2

    problem in low battery detector circuit

    I have designed a low battery detector circuit using low power comparator MCP6541 for a 4.2V Li-ion battery. This circuit checks whether the battery voltage if the battery voltage is lower than 3.5V then it will glow LED. Check the circuit below. The circuit is working properly but the...
  8. A

    Driving a mosfet with Comparator

    Hello all, i am trying to get a comparator working with Hysteresis. A 500mV is the target between Vlth 2v and Vhth 2v5. Can somebody please help me with the Hysteresis part with an explanation for the attached LTSpice simulation.
  9. unistudent

    comparator circuit help

    How to make a full bit (2bit) comparator circuit using ONLY nand gates. I was able to do a 1bit comparator using only NAND gates, but how about for 2 bit, 4 bit? Wouldnt it be really large. I'm not sure if my class expects us to draw this out. we can't even use xor gates or inverters. i have...