1. C

    Need help with simple project wiring 5 pin LED latching switches together for instrument cluster bench tester

    Basically I’m trying to build a simple car instrument cluster bench tester/simulator that I can use from home. It consists of three 5 pin Halo LED switches. (Tester on/off, Backlight, Turn signals) a small voltmeter gauge 12v power supply. Automotive pigtail connector. The switch on the...
  2. Nikson420

    EAFC Full Automatic Battery Charger 12V Digital Display Battery Charger

    Hello Folks, as the title say I want to buy Battery Charger and found this one on aliexpress - https://aliexpress.com/e/_Ddn2rtR Price seems decent but what about qulaity? Any help is wellcome, thanks!
  3. Roxx.R

    Repair - AC DC Adaptor for usb hard drives

    Hello everyone, this is AC DC Adaptor from my electronic stuff.. this adaptor basically powers up hard drives externally and then we can connect it via USB to our computer. I just powered it on and was checking, but as the connector is rusted, there was a spark while connecting the DC side and...
  4. Macca465

    Milwaukee custom charger for work ute

    Hey guys, I have looked everywhere and haven’t found what I want. I am trying to make a charge station out of the Milwaukee battery holders in my work ute. I know I won’t be able to charge all my batteries at once, but I’m trying to find a way I can charge Atleast 6 batteries. I have toyed...
  5. anyone844

    General 12v Vehicle Lighting Circuit Help

    I don't know if this is the right place to post this question, but with the amount of knowledgeable people in these forums, it's worth a shot. I've been messing around with strobe modules for a bit. So far, I've been able to make a range of lighting components strobe for example led bars, led...
  6. A

    Fixing hyperflashing indicators

    Hi all, Long story short.. I have a GTS car that's hyperflashing it's indicators.. have tried all the 'load resistor' fixes the commodore forums have suggested.. An auto electrician this week couldn't even fix it.... Anyway, thinking out of the box... (mind you.. still trying to fix it the...
  7. brianWreaves

    Using 2 power supplies for one circuit board

    Hello all, I am attempting to salvage an all-in-one HHD & SD card reading device which was unfortunately a victim of a flood a few months back. The original power supply rated at 12v 850mA, which didn't make it, has 3 wires outputting 12v+, 5v+, & a negative to the device. I have a 24v bench...
  8. Lucky-Luka

    Arduino 12V digital input

    Hi all I want to detect a 12V signal using an Arduino Nano v3. I've decided to use a NPN transistor to do so. Is it a valid solution? I've tried the circuit and it looks like it works fine. I've tried to use the 100k res at the base but I don't really know if it's the best value. How to chose...
  9. MacaroniLeader

    Can you share common neutral with different voltage system?

    I have 3 AC to DC transformers powered by same breaker AC breaker: 1. 120ac to 48v dc 2. 120ac to 24v dc 3. 120ac to 12v dc 4. 12v dc to 9v dc step down to power Arduino 5. 5v dc sensor system powered by Arduino board and ground from Arduino board Is it possible to have one neutral/ground bar...
  10. S

    Can someone help me please!!!? IRFZ44n MOSFET heats up driving TEC Peltier

    Hello everyone, I would really appreciate if you could help me Im making a mini fridge controller (PID), using a 4n25 optocoupler, an IRFZ44n Mosfet and a tec peltier I connect it to a 12v and 3 A and arduino 5v As soon as the arduino code is uploaded and I connect it, the mosfet starts to...
  11. jpf88

    proximity sensor up to 200metres for outdoor application

    Hi, I have a project that i would like to complete. i need to activate an LED light outdoors, whenever a designated vehicle comes within 200-300metres of the LED light. i was thinking of using a simple 12v FM radio transmitter on the vehicle. the LED would have an FM radio reciever tuned to...
  12. NooBinProgress12

    Making a 110 channel input, Voltage sniffer, from scratch. Advice appericiated!

    Hello Everyone, my name is Fredrik. I am new to this forum, and I want to ask you guys about a project I am working on atm. I plan on making a test tool (or voltage sniffer) for monitoring voltage on multiple signals at once. The ECU I will be monitoring has up to 110 different inputs. My first...
  13. lefterisgar

    DIY Arduino-powered 12V UPS suggestions | HELP NEEDED!

    Firstly my wishes to whoever reading this piece of text, have a nice year and I hope that everyone is doing fine in this current pandemic and I think this is going to be a piece of the past very soon... I'm also sorry for two things regarding this thread: I'm not a fluent English speaker. I...
  14. Ron2020

    Wiring Headlight and turn signals for a simpleton

    Greetings, My current project is trying to wire a headlight and two turn signals to a motorbike using a 12v rechargeable battery. There are no existing electrical parts of any kind for lighting aside from what I’m doing currently. Complete custom job. I need advice: What I have is: A switch...
  15. J

    Automotive led headlight problem

    I have a set of led headlights for my truck that won’t power up when plugged in or directly wired to car/automotive battery, yet when I use a little 23a 12v battery they do power up. I’m confused!! Why does this happen? And why won’t they work in my truck?
  16. Brian Fuller

    Daisy Chaining Relays For Motor Reversing

    I'm designing a power window switch that will use two SPDT relays to reverse the motor for up/down. I have the whole system wired and and testing properly, but I need to optimize the design for the small space in which it will be installed. Can I daisy chain the 12v+(87) together and the...
  17. S

    Connecting Bullet Headlight to 12v battery and switch

    The title says it all. There a bit more to it, but essentially i would like to connect a motorcycle 12v bullet headlight to a rechargeable 12v battery with a switch. I Know nothing about electronics so if someone could point me in the right direction that would be awesome. I would also like...
  18. D

    5V PWM to 12V analog for lighting control. Arduino

    Hey, so I've got to build the circuit to output the signal specified below I've currently got an Arduino UNO and I have written the code to output this. however, I can only put out 5v from my Arduino and the circuit requires 12V and 10V output, being able to switch between12 and 0v incredibly...
  19. Feinberg

    12V LED Flasher

    Hello everyone, my unlce asked me if I was able to check out a flashing light for construction use ( Klemmfix Horizon 21307) and see whats wrong with because it didn't light up anymore. On further investigation, the batteries seemed to be fine (runs on 12V input) but the bulb (Xenon flashing...
  20. T

    Waeco CF110 FF - Low Voltage when on Mains Power

    Hi All, I bought a Waeco CF110 (A) fridge second hand and have found an interesting fault I can't diagnoise. Note: The Fridge can run off both 12V and 240V. In 12V operation the fridge runs perfectly. In 240V mode once warmed up a (after a period of ~40mins), the compressor will stop for a...