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Matlab is a proprietary numerical computing environment developed by the Mathworks which allows for matrix manipulation and mathematical analysis across a wide range of engineering and scientific disciplines. Through out my time using Matlab I have come across a wide range of site and tutorials that have helped me learn to use Matlab and get the most out of it.

The following is the first set of links that I have complied for the users here at AAC. The information covered in this section is the Mathworks website, general Matlab tutorials, tips and tricks for using Matlab, debugging in Matlab, and some Matlab FAQs. Note that some websites contain common information, but this is intended to be catch all:

The Mathworks Website:

Mathworks Homepage

Matlab Functions List - this is the same function listing that is part of the Matlab help

MatlabCentral - Matlab User Community, including the file exchange and link exchange

Matlab Tutorials:

Introduction to Matlab

Getting Started with Matlab

Helpful Information for Using Matlab

Matlab Tutorials from MatlabCentral

Matlab Tutorial from the University of New Hampshire

Matlab Special Characters

Matlab Commonly Asked Questions from MIT

3-day Matlab Tutorial from MIT

Matlab on Athena at MIT

Matlab Basics Tutorials

Plotting Tutorials for Matlab

Matlab Tips and Tricks:

Matlab Tips and Tricks

Matlab Array Manipulation Tips and Tricks

Exploiting the comma seperated list - article from the Mathworks

Matlab Tips and Previews

Matlab Visualisation Tips

Matlab Programming Tips - PDF article from the Mathworks

Matlab Debugging:

Debugging Matlab m-files

Debugging in Matlab

Guidelines for Debugging in Matlab

Matlab FAQs:

Matlab FAQ from the University of Florida

Matlab FAQ from Stanford

Hope this is useful for some of you. Any comments and corrections of broken links are welcome.


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