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Many web browsers these days have spell-checkers built into them, or can use add-ons to add spell-checking capabilities. However, this is not the standard set-up on the majority of web browsers in use (notably Internet Explorer).

All About Circuits has spell-checking built into the forums and blogs. On the Post Reply screen or the Quick Reply dialog, select the spell-checker from the formatting toolbar:

This will open the spell-checker from where you can select corrections for misspelt words:

For each misspelt word you are able to Change or Ignore the words like you would in any word processor. The spell-checker gives the option for Learning words not currently in your dictionary, and also has a Look-up function if you want to check the meaning of a particular word, and a Thesaurus for looking-up alternative words - checks at Merriam-Webster On-line (see http://www.merriam-webster.com/), .

The spell-checker checks the spelling in English(US).


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