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Previously I blogged about the Socratic Project, a free project of worksheets and questions designed to support the material covered in the AAC e-book.

Recently the Socratic Project was fully integrated into All About Circuits, available from here. As per the original project the following categories are available:

  1. Basic electricity
  2. DC electric circuits
  3. AC electric circuits
  4. Network analysis techniques
  5. Discrete semiconductor devices and circuits
  6. Analog integrated circuits
  7. Digital circuits
  8. Mathematics for electronics

We have, however, developed the original concept somewhat. The original Socratic Project was available as downloadable PDF files of the questions and answers. The worksheets section at All About Circuits actually goes one step further, we have implemented a fully interactive system:

Page Activities - Useful activities for the worksheets including downloadable PDFs of the worksheets a (note: the PDF link is for the worksheet you are currently viewing), print options to enable printing of the worksheet direct from the website, and link and blogging options for a range of services.

Related Pages on the Site - Gives links to pages that are similar to the current worksheet. These pages may contain information that is relevant for the current worksheet or provide supplementary information.

Page View History - Provides a history of your recently viewed pages on All About Circuits, including worksheets and e-book chapters.

The question on the website are fully interactive: under each question there is a Reveal Answer link. Selecting this option opens a frame within the current page:

The answer to the question is given, including supplementary notes to help the reader understand the concepts analysed in the questions further.

To remove the answer frame just select Hide Answer.

This is built on the first version released in August 2008. We are always look at feedback and corrections to the material, so if you see an error or wish to make a suggestion, please post in the Feedback and Suggestions Forum.

The Socratic Electronics Project is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License.


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