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I am getting all about circuits! Just bought a ELEGOO Mega 2560 R3 Project Starter Kit, a AstroAI multimeter and Electronic Devices (Conventional Current Version). First off I am gonna start with the starter kit (ofc). With in the year I want to have made a lighting system for my office desk. I...
Today many of our lakes have been polluted on account of over-exploitation and reckless dumping of human and industrial waste, which is resulting in detrimental impact on human health which could not be neglected at any cost. To solve this, I designed a low cost water quality monitoring system...
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The amplifier must achieve the following specifications: 1. AC input signal range = 10 mVpeak – 20 mVpeak 2. Power supply = 1.8 V 3. Total power consumption < 200 μW 4. Gain ~ 33 dB 5. Cut off frequency ~ 600 kHz 6. Phase margin > 70 ̊ 7. Power supply rejection > -30 dB at 200 kHz 8. The output...
I am going on vacation this week, so in an effort to save money and measure current for my projects too, I have bought 2 dollar alligator clips from Home Depot and made extensions for my multimeter: another way to address this issue is just striping 2 jumper wires on one end and wrapping the...
using a 120/12vac transformer and a rectifier I have created an LED strip lighting circuit. Everything is working fine but is there anything else I should add to this circuit (other than a fuse) to make things copestitic
I have a design to add digitally controlled smoke to model trains from the 1950s. I have used Fusion 360 to design a .STL model of the Smoke Housing that fits in these American Flyer Trains and provide for DC Can Motor driven fans to blow smoke out. I have a heater coil to boil smoke out of the...
Introduction This project is about a robot guarding a land property (and also scanning the field for molehills, fallen trees and other anomalies). To do this, the robot will use ultrasonic sensors to detect obstacles and a 6DoF IMU which will both allow to detect the inclination of the ground at...
Greetings fellows!! It has been a long dream of mine to build my own analog synthetizer, and now that i have got the time, i want to finally make one! I am thinking about building a fairly simple one, with two or three oscillators, High and Lowpass filters and a basic envelope generator. I came...
OK here is the situation, I'm experimenting with designing a transistor PWM circuit with current feedback to control motor torque. Everything is working properly, So now I am ready to start measuring voltage and current values so as to determine the best current sensing restance needed in...
As part of our project Hudson River "The River that Flows Both Ways" with my daughter, let's setup our communications device: the Digi XBee3 Cellular Module. Spoiler: Now that we got to play with the Digi Development Kit, it may have just uprooted out entire plans (for the good). MicroPython...
While the 3-d time "re-inventing" the RS-D Trigger i came up with this 1-st • here's the performance comparison (both perform the R/S functions at the same speed - there's some difference in D-Latch mode . . .)
Come Vote for Us! Our project has been selected as a finalist in a contest! If you like this project, please come vote for us (listed under eduncan911 - Hudson River). Introduction My daughter’s school studied the Hudson River in New York all year long and always brought home new and...
This is my first blog post in ACC and is about a battery of an old FR2+ AED machine that I had laying around. The battery is not rechargeable thus after gone low it is practically useless so I tried to give back some life to it. At first, I had to make an opening since the pack was sealed thus...
I have just started with the youtube channel, so I decided to make a Bluetooth controlled robotic car. As am an electronics engineer I have knowledge about electronics. but I don't know how to build a custom android application. so Before making the project I learn about MIT app inventor and try...
Introduction Nrf24L01 based module has been very popular, because it’s easy to implement in wireless communication projects. The module could be found under 1$ with a PCB printed version, or monopole Antenna. The problem with these cheap modules is that they have many issues and become easily...
Switching power supplies are known for high efficiency. An adjustable voltage/current supply is an interesting tool, which can be used in many applications such as a Lithium-ion/Lead-acid/NiCD-NiMH battery charger or a standalone power supply. In this article, we will learn to build a variable...
Many programming languages are used today, some are used, and some have gone obsolete. In the last few years, the programming scenario has changed drastically as developers and programmers are searching for more universal and approachable languages. This is the reason why Python language has...
chair is driven by two wheels, independent motors. I wish to add a third( single motor transaxle)Concept is small computer to” listen” in to the signals to the original motors, select the signal from the one turning the fastest and instruct thevtransaxle to turn at the same rate. Third motor to...