YouTube rabbit hole - Super joule ringer. Led lighting.

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So recently came across this video for something dubbed the super joule ringer 3.0 , 110v.


It interested me as I have some GU10 led bulbs and some wire. Now I know it won't save any electricity. If I'm drawing 240v @ 1a , it's still going to suck 20a out of a 12v battery. Theres no free lunches. However I still want to experiment. I was thinking of making it 24v to around 220v. The maths is like a normal transformer. So the difference in battery level won't go above 240v. Also I can use less turns of wire and a smaller toroid.

My question is in the schematic it doesn't have any protection for the base. Left me abit confused as I have never seen a transistor hooked up like this before. Any help would be appreciated.

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