Youtube Instructional video's (rant)

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Over the years I made use of Youtube instructional video's for learning design programs, Kicad, Gimp, Exel etc, etc.
There are some instructors that just cannot achieve the intended result.
The main problem is they they obviously seem to know the product in every way,, but when it comes to teaching they just can't cut it
The biggest mistake they make, is when showing the use of instructions, they race through the process and menus' and obviously take it for granted that everyone is as familiar with the program as they are.
There are a handful I raise my hat to for excellent teaching , for some strange reason they all seem to share a Scandinavian sounding accent, maybe a national trait. :cool:


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As long as they actually show the steps, the speed with which they do it isn't a huge issue. You can pause the video as needed to allow you to walk alongside it. But often they tell you just to do something and assume that you already know how to do it when the level of the video makes such assumptions unreasonable.