US postage is nuts. It's like $9.00 to $15.00; Express mail is a little cheaper.
Overseas: China Post incoming to US most of the time is 0. It' costs like $26.00 USD fpr me to mail a small parcel overseas, I just received my fist package from Sweeden and it cost me $16.00 USD. A free item for the price of postage.

When cost is the only parameter, free postage is possible at Digi-key.

I had a project, laundry filter, that I was doing for home and I needed multiple vendors
V1: An aquarium supply store
V2: The sock filter
V3: A special clamp and material to cut a gasket.
Had: 1/4-20 Tap, drill and clearance drill

V4: Appliance place
V5: local for various pipe/hose fittings

I also needed to use a lathe and drill press. The lathe option isn't available now. It tok a couple of iterations to get the right sock filter.


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Tayda uses usps and normally shipping is inexpensive. They specialize in small orders and it ships out of Colorado. They’re great for breadboarding. Examples from about a year ago. One was for a project that went into production the final device is SMD and purchased through Arrow electronics.

Digikey and Mouser shipping is higher and specialize in larger orders. Arrow has handling changes for orders under $50. These guys have helped me to get projects finished at a low cost when I need a few little things. They do not have a huge inventory or components just a decent collection of standardize parts for the hobbyist. Usually takes 2-3 days for delivery to Chicago.


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Thank you for this! I think I can order some long-missing resistor values from Tayda and have them sent to my dear brother who can bring them to me from the U.S. These days through-hole parts are becoming scarce. Very scarce.


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To anyone in the Dallas Fort Worth area, even if you are visiting,
take a trip over to Tanner's Electronics, in Carrollton, it's a 3rd generation
family run business.


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Digi-Key and Mouser has their place, hard to get stuff, high volume, and absolutely must be destroyed over night. They‘re vital for commercial usage... they might even lose money on the one off orders that hobbyists need. Luckily we have other resources these days with the end of Radio Shack.