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    Jul 20, 2013

    Presently, I have a simple simulation with multiple entities who are communicating with one another. I am interested in making the simulation a little bit more realistic by introducing realistic communication constraints that would occur if I were to implement Zigbee protocol (with Xbee Modules). I am not trying to produce a full simulation of the wireless side of things. I'd rather just focus on introducing realistic constraints to my simulation.

    Some parameters that I found and thought would be good to introduce to the simulation were:
    250 Kbps data rate and 16 channels of operation.

    So my questions are these:
    16 channels means that 16 devices could be talking at the exact same time, even to each other (right?)

    and if a bot tries to talk on a channel that is being used, then it will wait a random amount of time and then again attempt to send it's signal (right?) If so, what is the range of the random amount of time that the Xbee will wait? Also, will Xbee modules only attempt to use one channel, or will they always randomly select one?

    Any outstanding notes about the channels?
    Can you think of anything else I should add?

    Thank you so much,